"Environmental Engineering for the 21st Century"

Does this:

Any ideas on how to instigate a genuine ban on plastics ?

Recycling is totally useless

Reduction is not enough - not anymore

We must simply stop it.
But how, realistically?

And by realistic, I do not mean "while still allowing companies to make money" - stop fearing economical backlashes - this problem is bigger than that

I wonder what would happen if you could convince all ***book users to befriend each other...

Let's see their algorithms and data-mining monkeys handle that

maybe this is more the direction we should be heading in with certain levels of usable, ownable, technology...

when you think about it, do you _own_ your phone? can you change parts of it?
or are you just it's custodian?

this also goes for anything you own with silicon chips inside...

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Once a factory where workers worked, lived and prayed. Now a hacker colony, where people live, work and play.

#calafou a little colony of hackers in the mountains of Catalonia, about an hour away from barcelona.

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Google is bringing AMP to Gmail not for your convenience or to increase speed, but to change your mailbox into a platform for marketers so that the ads jump into your face. Better switch to an email service that respects your right to privacy. 😉
5 Reasons why AMP for email is bad: tutanota.com/blog/posts/amp-em

pretty cool from the looks of it.
...for open source developers at least :)

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We blamed the jews, the mexican immigrants, the middle east "terrorists", the gays, the blacks, and just about every other minority group there is. How bout we blame the billionaires and politicians who are screwing over our economy, our society and our planet. Maybe then we can actually get something done.

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Founded on #4opens, motivated by the #PGA hallmarks and moderated by an ethical code of conduct. Its an unfettered space for Activists and groups to communicate via #openweb projects.

"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me."
- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.

We are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.

This project is a way out of the restricted, algorithmic, for-profit mediation and commercialisation of communication we increasingly experience. If you do not pay to "boost" each post, a Facebook page will only reach 3-6% of members. This soon becomes an expensive drain on limited NGO and activist budgets.
Activists and campaigners alike are ready to shift their outreach away from the corporate social networks paid-per-view “walled gardens”.

Mastodon is the worlds largest free open source decentralised microblogging network; it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs.
You’re free to join any community you like, or better yet, host your own, on your own terms. It remains possible for members of each to instance to interact with others.
There is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking.

We aim to help activism/campaigning groups to make this step now.


A note on Security and Privacy - these take a somewhat different shape within the #openweb. Have a read about our thoughts on the matter.

How are OMN projects run?