The gov't of also "seeks quick backdoor deal" with Japan to fast track the release of some 34 million dollars.

You can be certain that this money will get nowhere near where it should.

And it is highly concerning that this gov't again doing _anything_ behind closed doors.

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So yes, now a tug that was pulling a barge from doing cleanup at the Wakashio, collided and sunk.

2 dead, 2 missing.

Not great video, but description is good.

the gov't says it will have an inquiry, and be fully "transparent".

They lie, lie and lie again.

Anyone international, feel free to encourage the Mauritian people that they have the power to remove these corrupt, money hungry fools.

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And now in Mauritius, a tug boat off the north east of the island has sunk while towing a barge, with some deaths.

I am unsure yet of full details.

But the Prime Deceiver is in full swing, ignoring the recent protest and appearing to show "he cares" about this new tragedy.

Interestingly, when the container ship ran aground, the government did everything to keep people _away_ from the incident...

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this protest is for much more than the recent oil tanker spill, but the dodgy dealings with that, and the environmental impact are certainly a big part of the anger

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For the record, protests of this scale are practically unheard of in Mauritius - or certainly not for a very long time...
(I can only hope that the next will be bigger yet)

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About the protest in Mauritius yesterday.
The intro is in French or Creole, but switches to English for coverage of the protest itself.

Please spread this guy around.
I don't know if he's got any accounts in the fediverse.
But more truth than you see on mainstream media _must_ get out.

Bolsonaro is but one example.

I call for all Brazilians to surround whatever building he may be in, and set it alight. (step 1)

Is this level of response wrong in your eyes?

Are his actions, and the actions of those like him, acceptable?

Does the law protect the environment, you, or them?

Anyone see further issues of privacy and beyond approaching ever-nearer ?

If you're a privacy advocat, you may be interested in signing up for the webinar.


Do you think police (anywhere) would behave better if there were repercussions for when they get things wrong?

e.g. paying reparations to _any_ accused proven innocent, or for damages from abusively searched homes...etc, etc.

Anyone know if the legislation mentioned in the proposals discussed here has progressed much yet?

Quick poll.
Which do you think would be more surreal as choice for president?

Recently I was pointed to Stewart Brand and this book:

I admit I began to question nuclear, but my instinct still warns me; as it does for fossil fuels; as it does for excessive energy use full-stop

The more I read though, the more I feel that Brand is dangerous.

Any thoughts, feelings?
What does your instinct tell you?

Why _should_ he be trusted?

I feel he is a genuine danger given his target audience of old-hat environmentalists and those just getting started.

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