Muppeth of Disroot has quit their day job to focus on Disroot.
If you can, help them out.
We need more evidence that decent, ethical projects can be financially stable without the insanity of the commercial world.

(I have no affiliation with Disroot)

Thanks to those who do support, and all in our communities.

We are an imperfect service and response to all the troubles we face, but we will keep working to improve the situation.

Good luck to all others fighting the good fight.

If you're able to, or maybe know someone who can, please help us out.

We're hosting the and instances,
as well as peertube instance,
and a searx at

There's also a public etherpad at
and an xmpp server at

And we currently get all of practically bugger all for the effort :D
Either way, we'll keep going, as long as we're able

If you have a dji drone, and wants to be able to do survey flight plans for free (while still using DJI-GO), you might be interested in this:

You will need a rooted phone.
You can use QGroundControl on the phone, or laptop, etc.
And you'll need to be a little comfortable with using a terminal/console.

I'm not sure if there's a way around needing a rooted phone.
Any suggestions for improvements, let me know.

I'm not yet making a personal stance on the RMS state of affairs.

A question though;
Where are all the equivalent open letters for the calls for resignation and removal of heads of corporations and governments that are provably responsible for/ implicated in global scale suffering, exploitation and degredation (human and non-human both)?

"...Any third party with access to such keys could impersonate the
legitimate owner, creating new opportunities for fraud and deceit. ..."

Trust when you hear the sound of the forest, the life swelling from within, that you should not harm it.
Trust the whispers when you feel the wind pass through the trees - they carry the warnings of what shall pass should you remove them.


"Nature has no voice" is a lie, told by those with good intentions to bring about positive change (for all life).

The truth is Nature has all voices.
We must simply stop to listen.
Take a breath to have the time to witness before doing.

Too much doing, getting things done, having, wanting, demanding, craving.

We need only be, with awareness and discernment - with careful thought applied only when required, not as a perpetual state of mind - trust.


Can anyone tell me if there are similar projects for other indigenous communities around the world?

Interesting consensus-driven guidelines, worthy of deep consideration regardless of what projects one might be engaging in.

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