A fantastic read. Long-form.
But truly, it's worth the time.
Not like you have the excuse of "no time" at the moment :D


It's beyond time to and build something different and better - many solutions, not just one!

For consideration, as we are presently faced with some more undeniable evidence of how brittle the global (and local) system currently is:


It would appear (expectedly) that the "leaders" of the world are continuing to do everything they can to keep "growth" economy alive.

A reminder, it's up to the people to lose faith in it enough that it can finally die.

Rally each other, do not be afraid of alternatives.
Seek them out.

People will suffer along the way, but the current paradigm is responsible for such collossal damage and death that almost nothing can compare - it is not a valid argument imho.

probably a nice bit of info re anonymity/ privacy and encryption.
obviously this talk is more on tor and censorship in general


(in)appropriate uprising? 

granted I'm now also realising that livemocha obviously had a revenue model - while not charging users - so I sadly guess it was entirely based on selling our data...

so we need the community and tools they had, but probably with less of the hidden filth

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Does anyone remember ?
Great language learning site. Best I ever came across.

Got bought out by Rosetta Stone few years back.

I just felt like checking it out again and turns out it's dead.

It would appear Rosetta Stone was afraid, and bourght it to kill it off.

Time to bring it back again! But how?
Can we dig up the old devs and see if they want to work with (but don't like their use of html and JS)?



I wonder which, if any, large country or state will be the first to bite the and bullet.

Who will ignore capitalism, stop (for a time, or indefinitely) international trade, and prove that a country can take care of it's own needs?

Who will redefine the wealth of a country by how much it can take care of itself, and not by how much it can exploit others?

As ever, this will be solely up to the people.

Who will ?!

Demand, don't ask.

I rather loathe politics, and almost always, politicians.

Gotta say though. I like Bernie


If you're a democrat in the US and still believe in the vote (unlike me), it strikes me he is the only viable choice.

@witchescauldron interesting. LibreOffice has an online version.
But would almost certainly require some careful setup and configuration.

Good to know that anyone willing could start to provide alternatives to google docs


I actually forgot what this was about :/

It's about router freedom.

There is the chance that you will lose "ownership" over the router in your home. Lose the right to set up your own router and control it.


Read, and get involved if you can

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Please help me prove that the federated communities can do better than the filthy walled "gardens"

Am pretty pissed right now.

At myself for even thinking for a moment that ***book could be remotely useful without selling your soul

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Still trying to help parents move home.


Please if anyone can help to boost this to various circles, I would be extremely grateful.
This is not something I ask for lightly.

I even tried on the filth that is ***book

My family has avoided them for years, but thought to try any option right now.

And almost immediately post was removed because the above link apparently violates community standards!

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wouldn't normally make such a request...I'm not a social media afficionado.

not asking for anything other than to spread the message, if you're willing.

cheers peoples.

that - and facebook is truly pissing me off - I would love to see this community outdo it for spreading good info

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A call for help to sell a house.
Folks trying to leave the tropics for health reasons.

Beautiful home.
Great for family, holiday home and/or airbnb.

If anyone can spread the word, I would be most grateful.


Open to offers. Questions, feel free to ask :)

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