Anyone see further issues of privacy and beyond approaching ever-nearer ?

If you're a privacy advocat, you may be interested in signing up for the webinar.


Do you think police (anywhere) would behave better if there were repercussions for when they get things wrong?

e.g. paying reparations to _any_ accused proven innocent, or for damages from abusively searched homes...etc, etc.

Anyone know if the legislation mentioned in the proposals discussed here has progressed much yet?

Quick poll.
Which do you think would be more surreal as choice for president?

Recently I was pointed to Stewart Brand and this book:

I admit I began to question nuclear, but my instinct still warns me; as it does for fossil fuels; as it does for excessive energy use full-stop

The more I read though, the more I feel that Brand is dangerous.

Any thoughts, feelings?
What does your instinct tell you?

Why _should_ he be trusted?

I feel he is a genuine danger given his target audience of old-hat environmentalists and those just getting started.

Well worth the time to watch this.
A clear, cogent analysis of the utter shit we all find ourselves in.

...give it ten mintues and you'll probably get sucked into the rest.

If you don't, I shall quietly be concerned about what kind of human you are (that, or you already know this stuff so well, you don't need to hear it) - and of course, we know my opinion of you all is paramount in your lives...

For those of you who hold on to the belief that we can change the system from within, or using it's tools to build something different:

This third degree "murder" is pure nonsense, and sadly totally unsurprising.

As far as I can tell, the murder of George Floyd was in the first degree - second at the very least.

First degree requires premeditation.
I've seen no legal definition which mentions time (i.e. planning), but simply malice aforethought.

It's pretty clear from the footage that there was malice aforethough.

just me or does this miss the point by a long way?
this kind of tripe just muddy's the waters.

obviously my objective opinion but fuck, i could tear apart the examples and arguments given, but only because I've seen alternatives that texts like this prevent people from believing in

In case you thought "green" tech and "solutions" were actually green in the way you would like to think...

tl;dr they're not.
time to and bring on the overdue

If we are as intelligent as we'd like to think, we can find non-harmful solutions to our "needs".

If not, how on earth can we justify them?!

If we can't get over the ego's of those in power and those researching - as they keep poking bigger holes in the boat, while failing to patch others - we're doomed to sink with them.

We idly watch, or shout at them to do something different.

Perhaps it's time to throw them overboard.

Decades have proven they won't overcome their ego's by themselves.

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A huge problem in what we all face - plastics and the still prevailing "scientific" attitude toward them:

Plastics _need_ to outright stop.
Lessening them is only postponing the inevitable.

Yet repeatedly scientists and the "intelligencia" keep touting that it's possible to have "sustainable" plastic, or alternatives that are equally economically viable!

Again with the money obsession.

This truly is a ...

- they will not stop of their own accord

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