A huge problem in what we all face - plastics and the still prevailing "scientific" attitude toward them:

Plastics _need_ to outright stop.
Lessening them is only postponing the inevitable.

Yet repeatedly scientists and the "intelligencia" keep touting that it's possible to have "sustainable" plastic, or alternatives that are equally economically viable!

Again with the money obsession.

This truly is a ...

- they will not stop of their own accord

If we are as intelligent as we'd like to think, we can find non-harmful solutions to our "needs".

If not, how on earth can we justify them?!

If we can't get over the ego's of those in power and those researching - as they keep poking bigger holes in the boat, while failing to patch others - we're doomed to sink with them.

We idly watch, or shout at them to do something different.

Perhaps it's time to throw them overboard.

Decades have proven they won't overcome their ego's by themselves.

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