I'm not yet making a personal stance on the RMS state of affairs.

A question though;
Where are all the equivalent open letters for the calls for resignation and removal of heads of corporations and governments that are provably responsible for/ implicated in global scale suffering, exploitation and degredation (human and non-human both)?

@msaunders It will blow over. At worst, RMS is generally disagreeable and hard to work with. Which we kind of knew already for decades, but perhaps not some of the insider details. The FSF itself has not been a very effective organization, and even if it disappears there will not be much change to the way that developers create public software.

I think what's really going on is about bad organization (cultism) and a generational shift. The old guard wants to cling to the old narrative, but meanwhile the software industry is going in other directions which create new problems. The old narrative about Free Software and "software sellers" doesn't have much to say, or any practical tactics, against Surveillance Capitalism and software as a gratis service delivered to your browser without you even noticing it's there.

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