We all face a simple choice, Revolution or the you can already see building around you. Yes at the moment it's a choice... But one or the other is coming... Likely both at the same time if you dither. Ideas for a better outcome please

@witchescauldron Mass re-definition, demarkation and occupation of the commons?

Like an equivalent to "wildlife corridors".

Minimum 20% of occupied land going to inhabitable and guarded forestry.

Off top of my head. Food for thought

We have realised most and are not particularly good today.

We may need to be architects.

A might be good thing to start. It would be a space for architects to compete for their name to go on a sustainable restoration of a place, the winning independently-costed entry, democratically chosen by local residents is the one that gets done?


@dsfgs @witchescauldron
Why I love Permaculture (at it's deeper levels).

We need to be a bit of everything.

Earth movers, water harvesters, civil engineers, architects, growers, town planners, elders, guardians and protectors

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