testing #indymedia moderation 

another test, this time for indymedia.openworlds.info

testing #indymedia moderation 

Testing "hyperlocal" instance at indymediadev.openworlds.info

#Indymedia Reboot 

If you are interested, we're getting organised at unite.openworlds.info/indymedi
(a slightly re-purposed gitea instance.)

Create an account, post issues, ask questions.

It's very much a work in progress at the moment.

We are working hard to use existing tools, to try and avoid (at least initially) creating anything "new".

Organise, Write, Photograph, Record, Publish

And keep it decentralised, federated, open.

Anyone interested in getting involved with rebooting as part of an open media network () ?

Bring journalism back to the grassroots, develop trust again in where we get our information from.

Nothing new - we're trying to build on ActivityPub and RSS.

How might we improve the social dynamics online through this process, without getting caught up in the technology?