Anyone interested in getting involved with rebooting as part of an open media network () ?

Bring journalism back to the grassroots, develop trust again in where we get our information from.

Nothing new - we're trying to build on ActivityPub and RSS.

How might we improve the social dynamics online through this process, without getting caught up in the technology?


In case you thought "green" tech and "solutions" were actually green in the way you would like to think...

tl;dr they're not.
time to and bring on the overdue

A huge problem in what we all face - plastics and the still prevailing "scientific" attitude toward them:

Plastics _need_ to outright stop.
Lessening them is only postponing the inevitable.

Yet repeatedly scientists and the "intelligencia" keep touting that it's possible to have "sustainable" plastic, or alternatives that are equally economically viable!

Again with the money obsession.

This truly is a ...

- they will not stop of their own accord

A fantastic read. Long-form.
But truly, it's worth the time.
Not like you have the excuse of "no time" at the moment :D

It's beyond time to and build something different and better - many solutions, not just one!

It would appear (expectedly) that the "leaders" of the world are continuing to do everything they can to keep "growth" economy alive.

A reminder, it's up to the people to lose faith in it enough that it can finally die.

Rally each other, do not be afraid of alternatives.
Seek them out.

People will suffer along the way, but the current paradigm is responsible for such collossal damage and death that almost nothing can compare - it is not a valid argument imho.

(in)appropriate uprising? 

I'm not from the US.
I dislike guns profusely but in some ways I believe in the 2nd Ammendment.

My interpretation is that it was clearly _not_ the right to shoot each other generally.

Rather, it's the right to form resistance (triumphance?) groups to go up against and remove inappropriate governance.

Perhaps should lead an uprising.

Consider - even if he wins, they'll bury him in paperwork or kill him.

*rubs eyes* Good morning...

I wonder which, if any, large country or state will be the first to bite the and bullet.

Who will ignore capitalism, stop (for a time, or indefinitely) international trade, and prove that a country can take care of it's own needs?

Who will redefine the wealth of a country by how much it can take care of itself, and not by how much it can exploit others?

As ever, this will be solely up to the people.

Who will ?!

Demand, don't ask.