@schratze An antithesis of the "They Live" glasses?
Or maybe more akin in fact

@Tutanota Bad hackers/ crackers, right?
Many, many good hackers out there, without which the world would be even more screwed than it already is :)

@dadegroot In all seriousness though, enjoy it - it looks beautiful.
If I was you, I'm not sure it would survive until tomorrow.

Just know though, that somewhere over the ocean, at least one person shall be shedding tears over an unreachable cheesecake.

@testin What's the context?
I'm interested, but not sure I follow

@dsfgs @witchescauldron
Why I love Permaculture (at it's deeper levels).

We need to be a bit of everything.

Earth movers, water harvesters, civil engineers, architects, growers, town planners, elders, guardians and protectors

@witchescauldron Mass re-definition, demarkation and occupation of the commons?

Like an equivalent to "wildlife corridors".

Minimum 20% of occupied land going to inhabitable and guarded forestry.

Off top of my head. Food for thought

Thanks to those who do support, and all in our communities.

We are an imperfect service and response to all the troubles we face, but we will keep working to improve the situation.

Good luck to all others fighting the good fight.

If you're able to, or maybe know someone who can, please help us out.

We're hosting the activism.openworlds.info/ and campaign.openworlds.info instances,
as well as visionon.tv peertube instance,
and a searx at openworlds.info.

There's also a public etherpad at pad.openworlds.info
and an xmpp server at chat.openworlds.info

And we currently get all of practically bugger all for the effort :D
Either way, we'll keep going, as long as we're able

@dsfgs all good, when humans decide to use their brains a little, it turns out there are multiple ways to have a house that stays cools when needed, warm when needed, etc.

Of course, brain usage required, sooo ....

@witchescauldron Fair point - though I might argue that is our nurture, not nature :)

And yes, I heartily agree, we need to find a far more healthy mess.

Not only must we do better - in large part we simply need to stop the active destruction.
The powers _refuse_ to stop doing anything stupid.

Big issue is that many far better alternatives exist; but the current paradigm is fighting for its survival.

And dieing creatures are often most dangerous when in their death-throws.

@witchescauldron Oh I agree on the whole.

I just have a personal issue with describing such broken-ness as inherently human.

I'm not convinced it is.

I can however see such things as inherently being products of civilisation.

@witchescauldron Are they _human_, or are they the _civilised_?

Or perhaps are they human _nurture_ as opposed to _nature_?

Or am I missing the point? ;)

@kravietz sorry, I probably shouldn't stoke the fire.
It does amuse me though

If you have a dji drone, and wants to be able to do survey flight plans for free (while still using DJI-GO), you might be interested in this: unite.openworlds.info/mj-saund

You will need a rooted phone.
You can use QGroundControl on the phone, or laptop, etc.
And you'll need to be a little comfortable with using a terminal/console.

I'm not sure if there's a way around needing a rooted phone.
Any suggestions for improvements, let me know.

@samuraikid I read it earlier.
Unfortunately annoying that this proves nothing.

@samuraikid all these provide a reasonable explanation (for most people) as to why flu was affected bu c-19 was not (as much).

I have my own concerns, but articles like this (and almost anything mainstream or other) don't give us any real information.

it's frustrating, and if you get caught in them, you'll do nothing but spiral

@samuraikid yes i realise this possibility.

the problem is there's no way to know what is true, so why/how can we pick one side with any certainty?

@samuraikid So the argument goes that you would expect this due to the preventative measures that are in place now, that were not in place then.

Ultimately, we need more real data.
But then who do we trust to get actual real raw data?

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