perhaps, like amanita muscaria, it alludes to one of it's other names, the fly agaric ?

@witchescauldron yep; plus digitised versions of streets, buildings, etc - not just cameras, but sensors everywhere - oh what fun

@witchescauldron If web3 has anything to do with 6g, it's an awful tsunami of shit that approacheth

@hamishcampbell Would it be fair to say it's not governance as in "to be governed", but rather "self governance"?

Taking power back, by each community, for each community, from the smallest out to the largest.

@witchescauldron I have similar thoughts in response to most of what I hear about going on in the world each day

Interesting considerations, but at least from my perspective, rooted in a flawed belief in the paradigm which is failing, and really always was.

@jiaming If only we were tribes, with many tribal leaders. But that is long past. It's up to the people if we are to be something better.

I don't recognise the office as Prime Minister as any form of leadership.

Poll for account @anarchistfederation output 

Let us know if the account @anarchistfederation is producing too much output and we'll try to rate limit it a little better.

Or perhaps you're happy with it's content.

@witchescauldron Something needs to be done to shatter the illusion.

So that people may see with clear eyes that certain acts are not the work of "terrorists" or agent provocateurs, but those who are desperate to break the oppression.

How may people learn to trust and discern truth, rather than simply the narrative that is fed to them by agendas?

@witchescauldron Wish I did.
I fear that most won't attempt to stand until they genuinely feel the hand that's keeping them down.

And much suffering may be involved.

The has many shiny distractions.

Powerful examples of possibilities exist within the community (for one).

But they are not enough in themselves to actually stop the problems.

@OldYogre I would say github is an ideal place to raise the issue, if it hasn't already been raised.

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