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Trust when you hear the sound of the forest, the life swelling from within, that you should not harm it.
Trust the whispers when you feel the wind pass through the trees - they carry the warnings of what shall pass should you remove them.


"Nature has no voice" is a lie, told by those with good intentions to bring about positive change (for all life).

The truth is Nature has all voices.
We must simply stop to listen.
Take a breath to have the time to witness before doing.

Too much doing, getting things done, having, wanting, demanding, craving.

We need only be, with awareness and discernment - with careful thought applied only when required, not as a perpetual state of mind - trust.


Can anyone tell me if there are similar projects for other indigenous communities around the world?

Interesting consensus-driven guidelines, worthy of deep consideration regardless of what projects one might be engaging in.

testing #indymedia moderation 

another test, this time for

testing #indymedia moderation 

Testing "hyperlocal" instance at

#Indymedia Reboot 

If you are interested, we're getting organised at
(a slightly re-purposed gitea instance.)

Create an account, post issues, ask questions.

It's very much a work in progress at the moment.

We are working hard to use existing tools, to try and avoid (at least initially) creating anything "new".

Organise, Write, Photograph, Record, Publish

And keep it decentralised, federated, open.

Anyone interested in getting involved with rebooting as part of an open media network () ?

Bring journalism back to the grassroots, develop trust again in where we get our information from.

Nothing new - we're trying to build on ActivityPub and RSS.

How might we improve the social dynamics online through this process, without getting caught up in the technology?


is imho not the right approach - will lead to just more anger and stupidity.

seems better to me, but with an important addition.

- particularly those who are part of the community.

If not peacekeeper, what about guardian?

Those people charged to protect, _need_ to be reminded of their responsibilities and held to them.

youtube-dl was re-instated.
Well, this resolution totally passed me by.
Nice to see.
Though I doubt it would have happened without the uproar from dev community, regardless of the flowery speech from github (*cough* microsoft)

Looks like the Wayback Machine is in a bit of financial trouble...

Support if you can

80 *billion* pieces of clothing bought each year.

10% donated to charities.

90% landfill...

Anyone got recommendations for privacy-oriented VPS host?

Obviously trust is hard to come by with such services, and even harder to verify.

But I'd still appreciate suggestions if you have any

Sun Sets on Big Oil [?]
(Last article on page)

A creature in it's death throws is potentially at it's most dangerous.

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