One of the jobs I handle for my company includes cybersecurity. And I rely on open-source software to keep our website ( and our computers secure.

Recent cyberattacks are increasingly showing that proprietary software doesn't work. Generally, the more you use open source software instead, the safer you will be online. You can find recommendations for open source software that keeps you secure and protects your privacy here:

I first learned computer programming on my graphing calculator in 8th grade. Then, in high school, I learned the C Programming Language for my science fair projects (which I received national and international awards for).

I'm now learning the Csound audio programming language. It will give me complete control over every detail, instrument and sound in my music compositions:

Eating more plant-based whole foods does make a difference with COVID-19: "Vegan Diet Reduces Severe COVID-19 Symptoms Up to 73 Percent, New Study Finds | VegNews"

Meatpacking Plants and COVID: New Study Shows Devastating Link Between Outbreaks and Countywide Virus Transmission | Common Dreams Newswire -

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