@catsdontbark Thank you for your reply. The tests haven't changed so they are not causing the surge. Also, the article you provided seems to be misinterpreting WHO. This is from a member of WHO's Vaccine Safety Net:

"The Notice didn't ‘admit’ the test generates many false-positive results. It also didn't lower the threshold for a positive test or change the criteria for a positive test result across the board." – Health Feedback (February 6, 2021) (healthfeedback.org/claimreview)

"The CDC won't recommend high quality masks. Other countries mandate them. Germany: surgical or FFP2/3 (N95) masks in stores & public transport (pt) Austria: FFP2 outdoors when social distancing not possible & indoors & pt Italy: FFP2 in pt & cinemas etc." – Michael Knigge


"Next time you bash ethnic minorities for vaccine hesitancy, perhaps consider the role you've played in gaslighting them, eroding their trust in media, and the role of structural discrimination by govt and society in lack of trust in govt and govt policy." – Deepti Gurdasani


"Of course - after systematic racial discrimination, marginalisation, poverty has contributed to a 2x higher death rates in black and asian groups, let's blame them for 'not taking this seriously enough'. Any wonder why trust in govt & media is low among these communities?" – Deepti Gurdasani


"‘…these numbers are unprecedented in this pandemic,’ said Wilma J. Wooten, M.D., M.P.H., County public health officer. ‘The virus is everywhere in our community. We must all step up now and re-dedicate ourselves to the precautions that we know work.’ …

"Wooten also said that there is a misconception about the Omicron variant being far less dangerous or deadly than prior strains of COVID-19." – Katie Cadiao, County of San Diego Communications Office (January 10, 2022)


"Many folks know I've been calling out @CDCDirector for her lackadaisical attitude towards mask guidelines - CDC's May 2021 fateful decision to drop masks for the vaccinated (which empowered anti maskers of all spectrums) likely exacerbated the summer Delta wave as well." – Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding


"BROKEN—trust in the @CDCgov—@CDCDirector says CDC will not change recommendations to wear higher quality N95/KN95 masks. What an awful day in the pandemic & the [world]…I have more choice statements but suffice to say I am angry & disappointed beyond words." – Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding


"To draw attention to the failure of the federal government and health care employers to protect patients, nurses, and other health care and frontline workers, National Nurses United is holding a national day of action and virtual press conference on Jan. 13. RNs emphasize that optimal protections save lives." – National Nurses United (January 12, 2022)


"As the Biden administration dithers, Sen. Bernie Sanders said he plans to introduce legislation that would ensure N95s are 'sent to every household in the country.'" – Common Dreams (January 12, 2022)


"This past November, just days after pledging a return to U.S. climate leadership at COP26, President Biden and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland allowed a sale of 80 million acres of public lands for drilling by oil and gas corporations including ExxonMobil and BP in the Gulf of Mexico (Lease Sale 257). It is the largest sale of public waters for offshore drilling in U.S. history." – Greenpeace USA (January 12, 2022)


"The bottom line is that if you're worried about the adverse health effects of pesticides and pesticide-type compounds, you may want to lower your intake of animal products. But when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the benefits of consuming conventionally grown produce are likely to outweigh any possible risks from pesticide exposure. And so, concerns over pesticide risks should not discourage us from stuffing our faces with as many fruits and vegetables as possible."

"'That 75% of Covid deaths were people with multiple comorbidities, i.e. people with disabilities, is not good news, despite what the CDC director says,' tweeted Maria Town on Saturday regarding Walensky's comments. 'It's news that reveals our national callousness to how difficult it is for disabled people to survive.'" – Common Dreams (January 10, 2022)


"Let's call the 'live with it' plan what it is- it's a 'let the vulnerable, disabled, and disadvantaged die' plan… let's at least be honest about what it involves. Let's dispose with the euphemisms, shall we?" – Dr. Deepti Gurdasani


"A common misunderstanding is that children have a lower risk of becoming infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19. Now, research led by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that most individuals, regardless of age, are equally prone to infection." – StudyFinds Wire (November 14, 2021)


"Australian governments must immediately take action to tackle the present COVID crisis by delaying the return to face-to-face schooling, and reinstating necessary infection mitigations and financial supports, say OzSAGE experts. ... OzSAGE notes the World Health Organization's latest briefing states that Omicron is not mild and should not be described as such."


"Amidst a massive coronavirus surge, Chicago public school teachers voted to return to classes remotely following winter break. Instead Mayor Lightfoot and the district cancelled all classes in a clear confrontation with the city's teachers and threatened to place all teachers who don't return by Wednesday on ‘no pay’ status." – Tatiana Cozzarelli (January 5, 2022)


"The Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) voted on Tuesday to return to remote teaching until coronavirus cases in the city go down. In response, school district officials — who oppose a return to virtual learning — cancelled all classes for Wednesday, a move that affected more than 340,000 students in the third-largest school district in the country." – Chris Walker (January 5, 2022)


"A Cypriot scientist defended his assertion that a new strain of Covid-19 exists that combines characteristics of the delta and omicron variants. …

"The samples were processed in multiple sequencing procedures in more than one country. And at least one sequence from Israel deposited in a global database exhibits genetic characteristics of deltacron, he said."


"From as early as January 2020 the UK was reassured that children didn't catch Covid-19, they didn't appear to transmit it and they certainly didn't get sick or die. This false narrative is now embedded into the heart of communities, research has been slow and this myth continues along with handwashing being best defense." – Long Covid Kids (January 9, 2022)


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