ok so we dropped the ball on a consistently produced podcast, but we intend on producing more media from Gidimt'en camp in the near future. Maybe even some video updates!

Instead of a new podcast tomorrow, we will be switching formats to a new monthly model. The new, hour long cast will be released on the first of every month!

The Chevron oil spill in Kern County has grown by 120,000 gallons since Friday. It's now close to a MILLION gallons of oil + water. 1/3 is estimated to be crude. Also, Chevron will appeal the state's order in connection with the spill. From @KQEDnews kqed.org/news/11762863/as-chev

It's official, our first episode is August 1st!
More information to come!

Ok! We're going to slowly get into gear.

Coming up in the near future will be consistent live coverage of the battle on Gidimt'en territory against the klanadian invaders.

Stay tuned!

Congrats to the 14 land defenders on Gidimt'en territory who got their charges dropped on April 15!

Unfortunately, the police have only increased their harassment of the indigenous that live in the region that CGL is claiming as their "workzone" going as far as bulldozing homes, setting up checkpoints (somehow they are allowed), and harassing members of the community.

Here is our first video about how these incidents play out:

We are slowly getting off the ground, stay tuned on this channel to watch the slow growth of a media collective. :)


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