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I don’t know what is scarier - these figures, or the fact that they are not making the headlines. twitter.com/rgatess/status/117

I just want to repeat that my attempt to will be to join the mass event in 3 days on the 10th because I found a valuable series about spiritual interconnectedness.

I did test mastodon's ability to search amongst multiple servers, by trying 2 tags which aren't used on mastodon, but in twitter a lot:
and .

Was disappointed to see that both Mastodon servers did'nt find those tags from my second mastodon test-account:
@alternativeCurrency on mastodon.social

I thought that this would be the strength of mastodon to cross-connect all instances,
without it, it's useless.

If anyone can shed some light on this for me,
I would be most grateful.

I am a big fan of ,
because it is very unique, creative, has a spiritual message, and is a huge criticism of the system
decided to cancel it.

So I thousands of people inluding me decided to ,
and on the 10th of September.

If you also are a fan, boost this tweet and/or reply to it, to spread awareness of it beyond twitter.


Wir sind vom Geldsystem in eine Logik gepresst in der wir konstant von unserer Umgebung billige Arbeitskraft oder die Ausbeutung der Erde saugen müssen, um uns selbst zu erhalten.

Geld, was Gier eingebaut hat, ist und wird niemals gleichmäßig verteilt werden; und Menschen, die versuchen wohlwollende Projekte zu schaffen, enden meist als "nützliche Idioten", die achtlosen Gewinnern Rückendeckung geben, damit diese sich auf ihre Gier konzentrieren können.
mehr hier:


The root-cause of our system and how to tackle it:
There is a lot of frustration about faults in the system, but the focus on individual issues is a distraction which sucks out our life energy for a deeper analysis of the cause of it all.

A solution lies not immanent within the system, but by analyzing its flaws, determining its root-error
and then providing an alternative to it ... (more here:)


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