Q. Let the users decide what they see, not the instance owners.

A. #activitypub implementations (mastodon) are federated client-server networks. Files/messages are stored on central servers were the admins and sysamins are legally responsible. If the user's are in charge they could get the Admins thrown in jail for infringing content. A "trust" based network.

Full P2P would give you choices you wont... mastodon etc are "step away" projects. Building "trust" networks is a positive first step.

@hamishcampbell very interesting - especially for me who is here for the first day and just tries to find new contacts.
I was wondering how I would find contacts out of this pod and I ope that the mastodon software has features for me to reach out beyond individual pods.
A P2P solution also would be a right step into a solution for micro-payments which yet have not been tackled properly.
As I write this I also started an account with diaspora on social.gibberfish.org and will compare them.


you raise interesting points in your toots.

I am happy to answer to you, as soon as you tell me what you mean with M&D .

(and btw, your timesettings are off, because to me it is shown that you did post this on april 29th of this year)

@msaunders @proposed_alternative_currency feedback on the expirence of dispora compared to mastodon. Just lay cards on table am not a big fan of dispora seeing it as a example of the #geekproblem were mastodon is #4opens right but suffers a little from subculture #fashernista resistence to going mainstream.


@hamishcampbell @msaunders I have to admit that I am very new to both networks - just started to join both a week ago, so I can't tell anything about average users - I guess ones INITIAL experience with both depends on which pod one joined, because one will find such people first.

Technically: Being on a browser (no cellphone) I find mtds' 3 column interface a little confusing (ex: nearly missed your toot cause afterwards the next toot pushed yours down).
Missing that both can't be connected.

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