Do you like all the spam you're getting?

Thank @Cloudflare $NET. They do not terminate clients who are spammers. Because profits.

Today's example of >@CloudflareAbuse just not caring.

Isn't having "Trust and Safety" in their name enough to make you feel warm and fuzzy? Don't pay attention to the scammers behind their network.

I like the idea of steep financial penalties *AND* jail time for @eastdakota and @zatlyn.

It's time that @Cloudflare is held responsible for its part in illegal piracy. $NET investors beware.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children told the @nytimes that starting in 2014 the center sent @Cloudflare $NET notices about the three sites, including THOUSANDS of notices last year, yet Cloudflare refused to terminate those clients.

Even reports of child pornography on the @Cloudflare $NET community user site results in NO ACTION TAKEN by their abuse department.

National Coordination Center for Cybersecurity finds that @Cloudflare $NET leaks over 3 million IP addresses for its proxy service clients. It stressed that the list contains real IPs of sites, which opens them to attacks.


RT by @phyzonloop: @Cloudflare's implementation of Workers seems to share the same external IP across all their colos (or at least many colos), which opens it up to abuse.

We blocked the IP as of last week, and I opened and escalated a ticket. They need to sort this out.

cc @eastdakota @prdonahue

$NET closes down 1.92% today for a 5-day loss of nearly 8%.

Because karma, @Cloudflare.

In other news, @eastdakota takes a petty jab at a competitor of his parents' restaurant for asking people to eat at their establishment without disclosing his affiliation.

$NET down over 5% today in after hours trading, down 15% from its 52-week high.

Because @Cloudflare racists deserve to lose. Investors beware.

RT by @phyzonloop: hey.


and anyone else affected by this outage, which appears to be cloudflare.

cloudflare is bad. do not use them. people have been fighting with them for years to stop protecting domains that host child pornography, to no avail.

RT by @phyzonloop: A company that sells DdOS security would never lie about a DDOS attack

RT by @phyzonloop: @Cloudflare puts in their social profiles for PR purposes, but when they have an opportunity to do something against literal nazis, it's radio silence. @CloudflareHelp

Who thinks that @eastdakota would honestly admit if a DDOS attack took down @Cloudflare today?

Not me.

Apparently Cloudflare is as good as spelling and configuring routers as they are at terminating clients who are bad actors.


RT by @phyzonloop: As it turns out, moving half the internet behind Cloudflare may have been a bad idea

For a company that proclaims to be a protector of free speech and transparency, @Cloudflare $NET censors the snip out of its critics. Just more blatant !


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