RT by @phyzonloop: This truly isn't surprising from @Cloudflare, who say that hosting a site pretending to be @Adobe or @BankofAmerica is OK because of "free speech".

They also make reporting ANY abuse unnecessarily arduous, and I have yet to see evidence that reporting abuse has any effect.

RT by @phyzonloop: CloudFlare's abuse department, in 99% of cases, is just forwarding complaints to the actual ISP/server host. cloudflare feels absolutely 0 accountability for who they provide services to, and will continue to do so until it hurts their bottom line.

RT by @phyzonloop: @Cloudflare seems like you guys support child-porn & child abuse

Another victim of the @Cloudflare $NET abuse team choosing not to do its due diligence to snuff out the theft of intellectual property.

Me thinks that @Cloudflare $NET peeps are have a little IPO envy since their stock has floundered while $SNOW doubled on day 1.

Poor @eastdakota @jgrahamc. Maybe you guys should sell all of your $NET and buy a few shares of $SNOW. 😉

Think twice before you register your domains with @Cloudflare $NET.

RT by @phyzonloop: @eastdakota cloudflare is flat nasty to even try and do business. total hostile customer service. what a joke? how do you expect to get customers?

Cloudflare $NET needs to invest in some Viagra.

Investors beware. 3-4 outages in less than a month, their clients will surely be getting tired of this nonsense.

German court rules, "The Internet service provider Cloudflare $NET is liable for any copyright infringements by its customers if they use individual services (CDN, DNS resolver) from Cloudflare if it is aware of the copyright infringement."

An interesting article that claims Cloudflare $NET, which has gotten funding from Google, Microsoft (Bing) and Baidu, are blocking other search engines from crawling sites. Basically, pay to play. Invest or get blocked.

Challenge Cloudflare $NET to end racism on its infrastructure by providing services to racist websites like chimpmania.com. @eastdakota @zatlyn @jgrahamc

Cloudflare's chief SECURITY officer, Joe Sullivan, has been charged with obstruction and misprision (concealing evidence of a felony) in his previous role at Uber.

Sullivan helps $NET misprision rampant illegal activity by Cloudflare's criminal clients.


Cloudflare principals and insiders have dumped an astonishing $$$ 188 MILLION DOLLARS $$$ in stock from their portfolios in August! $NET

Investors beware.

Cloudflare CEO Prince dumps another $2M in $NET stock today. The mass sell off by insiders continues.

Investors beware.

Hard sell. Insiders know the SHTF soon. Don't get left holding $NET.

$NET down -2.16% in today's trading.

Because, karma. No one wants to invest when your clients are child and revenge pornographers, criminals, hate groups and terrorists.

Cloudflare $NET continues to turn a blind eye to rampant abuse on its infrastructure. Are you a victim of a Cloudflare-protected website? Share your story!

Cloudflare: "Trust our free services to help provide cybersecurity for election and political campaign sites".

Also Cloudflare: "We hire criminals that cover up data breaches". 🤔



Another example of a victim of Cloudflare thanks to its total lack of stewardship. Cloudflare must be *forced* to vet, identify and shut down nefarious sites on their network since they opt not to do it on their own. $NET

@eastdakota @zatlyn aid and abet criminals.

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