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40 orgas across Europe. We call on the EU to ban biometric mass surveillance.

For a future in which we are treated like humans, not walking barcodes, in which we are respected and not humiliated, discriminated against or treated like crime suspects, in which our options are not limited by an algorithm based on our body and looks.

Now's the time to act!
The tech is out there, but the EU is drafting new laws on AI.

Hi, two questions: is all this information required? Why the shady practices on the form? It has for header "Support this initiative proposed by European Union citizens" and "join" but it tries to sign you up to a newsletter before signing.


Hi hi @tleb
1. Yes, because it's an official EU petition, one must give their full name and whatever your country requires (sometimes ID, sometimes address, see pg 16 for
2. What @gallus says, you can totally sign the ECI without newsletter.

@reclaimyourface @tleb @gallus the data collection and retention (includes the exact time span it can be saved) is also explained here:

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