Warning - use only for tricking someone unofficial such as friends or family. It's a felony and state agents and informants are already masturbating themselves about beating and raping people for 20 years they catch doing it which they will do through electronic verification.


>5. On the Print Preview Screen in the “Scale” option select “Actual Size”

>We have an advantage here because the format is not consistent. In the first example we see a seven digit number and on the second it is blank. This is because there is no guidance for clinics on what kind of information they need to put on the card. Your job will not be able to actually verify any of this information and will not try because medical records are private. We just need it to pass a smell test. If you can make the card look legitimate then you will be good to go.

>In the two examples we see two different formats. We will use this to our advantage again. Think about how the situation would work if you actually went in to get it. It would be an informal setting and they would be trying to get people in and out quickly. This information could be hand written in. The more legit you make it look the less likely it will be questioned. You can easily go buy printable sticker labels to forge like the second example or type it into the PDF like the first. In my opinion handwritten will be acceptable.

>Notice in the two examples that this section is simply filled with the clinic site. There is no Doctor or Nurse signature and we will once again use this to our advantage. PVH and UWCSN are used in the example. What do those abbreviations mean? Who knows? That’s the point we can easily fill this section in with a few minutes of research. Look up local clinics in your area where they are giving the vaccine and fill this section in with the appropriate information.


Which are non-sense because Usrael is fully vaccinated and full of what they call which are a serie of of activated via

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