Is your service down? I was in a conference but I'm now getting a Cloudflare "Forbidden" error page.

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@TonyStark As much as we need to in this November, is not a good state to vote in because all voter registrations go through , thus sharing all voter's personal data with a abuser.

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@TonyStark If you don't trust, you can see proof that voter reg. data is shared with just by running your own dig command (in linux, that's "dig")

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@SteveRogers @TonyStark Your elections are corrupt. You can't claim to have the "right to vote" if that right is contingent on sharing personal data with a privacy abusing tech giant ()

I am having trouble using your site, the Gift Wizard, won't allow me to select a suburb, and clicking on any sections of the site gives me a Cloudflare 524 error site timed out.

Guys, as the new owners of hostedredmine, do you have any idea why their site isn't working? Error 1001 from

did the site just stop loading images? I'm getting a cloudflare error when I try to load one

Starting to see an increased error rate for websites behind again. We'll keep an eye on the situation as it develops.

Weird, I think it might be a cloudflare issue again, Twitch died for me and not long after I got error coded in Destiny. The game is just telling me the servers are down but everyone seems to be having different issues

Yes, that's work and I know, that's not hCaptcha's issue. But when I pass the captcha, returns me again and again to that. I think, that is and problem with IPs.

Can I say can’t even given the chance to lock yourself out of accounts, because the cloudflare/google β€œoh no you seem to be using tor” recursive captcha loop from hell will consume you.

Not sure about Azure, but IIS log does contain this error. As said in the previous, the error was caused by Cloudflare sending an "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" in the proxied request. So the temporary solution is filter this header out until they fix at their side.

Having weird issues with a site today. Started getting a Cloudflare error 1016 on LAN and on mobile data (not connected to network), but Gtmetrix, Pingdom and a TOR browser saw the site fine. Can't believe it would be a local cache issue since we saw an error on mobile as well.

Its not opening in Pakistan. Showing Error: This site can’t be reached i am not sure its banned by ISP's in Pakistan or by any Cloudflare services causing any issue, because cloudflare have issues from many days in Pakistan Region.

i am not able to apply for ipo. Error message is - There seems to be an issue reaching our servers. Error reference number: 502 Cloudflare Location: Marseille

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