Priority is being given to users who come from Windows 11 (broken window), many bring crude and silly ideas that do not begin to know a Linux and how it is inside. How much ignorance about Linux there is or will be?
--- New users still do not have a good understanding. The principles of a Linux system.
-- It fatigues and stresses me that there are so many inexperienced people who only sit down to talk about a subject as if they had already read the whole book.
-- Stop tarnishing Linux, Please!

In this times, is easy create your i3WM configuration...
Follow this Link:
Get try it...!

Hi men.. In This moment, I will teach you configure 'zram' (such as file as ... too) ~~~ So, pay attention..
:: For systemD (image 1)
:: For runit/openrc [Artixlinux/ Voidlinux] (image 2)

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