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A powerful film looking at what you can do to make a better world. Power Trip: Fracking in the UK "a step away"

idea maybe after the first article?

is the code up on github (now owned by Microsoft...)

Then we should add the rest of the rss feeds :) and will promote them when I get some Internet next.

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Just do everyone dues not think am ignoring them, am on the water for the next 6 months so Internet will be spotting so might be delays and missed messages.

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We are having account's being setup on the instances. Am removing them, its a pain is the a fix for this?

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The Modern Origins of China’s South China Sea Claims: Maps, Misunderstandings, and the Maritime Geobody
Bill Hayton

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"New @scientiamobile MOVR
📊Browser Market Share Report
53% Chrome
18% Safari
8% Firefox
6% IE
4% Samsung
3% Facebook Android
3% Other
3% Edge
2% Facebook iOS
1% Opera
1% UC Browser"

via Max Firtman (@firt@twitter)

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Trouble # 12: There Goes the Neighbourhood

In cities across the world, established urban environments are being transformed according to the dictates of capital. Gentrification is destroying the social fabric of working-class and racialized districts, displacing long-standing residents

@PentargonSpringer welcome to a bit of the this "instance" is only half rolled out. You can talk to over 1.5 million people who you likely do not know, but are generally much nicer than the crew you do know on etc

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Q. Let the users decide what they see, not the instance owners.

A. #activitypub implementations (mastodon) are federated client-server networks. Files/messages are stored on central servers were the admins and sysamins are legally responsible. If the user's are in charge they could get the Admins thrown in jail for infringing content. A "trust" based network.

Full P2P would give you choices you wont... mastodon etc are "step away" projects. Building "trust" networks is a positive first step.

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The folks who are obsessed by robot apocalypses are usually without exception people who have never actually done any robotics. Doing robotics is a fantastic way to cut any pretensions or grandiose ideas you might be harboring down to size. Physical reality will often pigheadedly refuse to go along with your schemes, and do its own thing regardless.

Progress in robotics is a bit like progress in mathematics. It requires the sort of militant obsession with details and a refusal to give up in the face of overwhelmingly adverse odds.
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