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To highlight the instances are about activism and campaign for progressive/radical social change. Chit-chat as a part of this is fine, But if you only personally post you will likely be more at home on another instance. Thanks.

Much contemporary social tech and progressive online politics has a pathetic agender. Have been talking to the crew to see if they understand any of this, they have nothing to say and do nothing. Have been outreaching to the and more radical crew and they have nothing as well.

It's a problem.

The crew do good content but they are beyond useless on progressive tech and push agenders in left reporting that are problematic.

People's worship of the is strong. Am getting the feeling nobody won't to change, we are going down the path with no option to turn.

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It's frustrating how cryptocurrency has poisoned all conversation about decentralization.

People find it very difficult to think with "doubt" after 40 years of "truth".

"The is no alternative"

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Let's move away from our current mess a look at one of the dead ideology that underline the current mess in the left and right. Videos hosted on the #OMN project #peertube

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@witchescauldron Fabulous. People in academia learn how the world really works and how to think for themselves, which is why they don't favour bigoted and neoliberal beliefs.

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@samuraikid around half your toots are sourced from far right sites, you have had many warnings about this issue. Can you please directly reply to this toot to say that you will check your sources before posting. This instance is not the place to spread far right mess. As i can see, you have accounts on other fedivers instances, this account will be suspended.

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New blog post: "'Secure' is Meaningless"

People sometimes ask me whether the latest gadget or app is "secure". That's a meaningless question - here's how to make something meaningful of it.

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Teachers, stop showing YouTube videos and other corporate internet content on classrooms if you don't have effective adblockers in use.

Students shouldn't be force-fed ads during class.

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Post-modernism - I know exactly what it is... Have lived with this crap for nearly 30 years, studed it at university. Changing the subject is adding more shit. You won't to help shoval, lots of composting to do.

Yes you would be right are attacking the decaying left... That's not saying anything am addressing.

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That's the start of a conversation, though the #deathcult of neo-liberalism has been pushed deep in our social souls so will take some shifting.

Most people are not interested in buying corn seeds, people won’t bread, but the first is needed to make the second. In a world, how do we mediate these needs to desires? We currently use "seed" funding, interesting to look at other/more ideas.

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