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To highlight the instances are about activism and campaign for progressive/radical social change. Chit-chat as a part of this is fine, But if you only personally post you will likely be more at home on another instance. Thanks.

We need a bridge to get over the chasm between open and closed as ideas of the humane society.

Just like we need a bridge to walk away from mainstream neo-liberalism () to a sustainable world.

When you lift the lid on these two projects you have the same roots. Interesting to think about this to move forward.

I wrote this meany years ago for the sidebar of my blog "A river that needs crossing political and tech blogs – On the political side, there is arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side there is naivety and over- complexity" and we still have a long way to bridge this understanding hole

What would code look like is a valid question?

This is putting aside the problem with "cult" for a moment :)

Code is ideas put into mascion motion - in this code has all the same assumptions and ideology as human beings have. Code built from the and feeding in reaction to this is going to need some composting to be humane.

Am using the "open/closed" metaphor to try and create a bridge to the "closed" world of software development. Without this bridge a lot of talent creates digital mess that the next group of people have to shovel to compost make space/ development.

Take note the humane world is in crises due to and the resulting fascist "solutions" to these crises.

Compost is good for growing flowers and vegetables.

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Here's your periodic reminder that, although GitLab loves to rush up and shout in the ear of every FOSS project mistrusting GitHub, in reality GitLab is yet another commercial "open core" vendor trying to lure you in by offering the first hit for free.

The reader has no power as they have no buy in - the "user" a little power to post/comment from account. The "producer" should likely be promoted to "mod" as soon as they are trusted.

The "mod" have as much power as possible without endangering the instance.

The "admin" have strong power BUT a VERY strong social rule not to use it. The running of the instance is in the hands of the "mod/producer"

Actions are socially mediated by the with audit logs to bring transparency.

Before we dive into the whole open/closed misunderstanding/fight it would be good to look at the different roles in a project and who has the power to say yes/no at each level.


"closed" the power is concentrated at the top.

"open" it is shifted down to the producer.

This is a unspoken battle between open/closed in our social networks/communitys. At this point its good to look back at the recent history for a moment. Diaspora had funding/publicerty/lots of coders and it compleatly FAILED. Mastodon had no funding, some publicerty and a singal coder and it completely Succeeded. The first was based on CLOSED the second was based on OPEN what can we learn from this going forward?

The argue that security depends principally on building the conditions in which equitable relationships can develop, partly by reducing antagonism between actors, ensuring that fundamental needs can be met, and also that differences of interest can be negotiated effectively.

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Approaches to security are subject of debate.

For example, in debate about security strategies, some argue that security depends on developing protective and coercive capabilities in order to protect the security referent in a hostile environment (and potentially to project that power into its environment, and dominate it to the point of supremacy). The strives for this outcome without putting it into words.

building progressive alt tech we cannot repeat the behaver of the as it's a different environment, we need different agenders.

"The security context is the relationships between a security referent and its environment. From this perspective, security and insecurity depend first on whether the environment is beneficial or hostile to the referent, and also how capable is the referent of responding to its/their environment in order to survive and thrive."

agenders have killed and will kill meany more radical tech projects. Look under the lid is the project is a good first step to mediate this one.

We are doing the same project at the though we clearly let the users/producers define the community growing from the grassroots use. If you don't trust the people you cannot have real democratic institutions and are left with feudal ( traditional open-source dev), capitalism (the ) or (most radical tech) as a path, none of these are the world we need to be building is my view.

This is the start of a different view of the world we should be filling this with local radical journalism and the best of the progressive social challenge video from around the world. All without filterbubbles and agenders.

A wildly spread international crew have been putting a lot of work into making this a local codebase option version 1.2.0 release

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Covid-19 and variants last at least seven years. Since politicians do not want to recognize that there cannot be a "back to normal" and that a radical restructuring of the society system is required, we have to reckon with reactionary and authoritarian political systems in the future. Those dictators will stop at nothing. Time to abolish capitalism.

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The question all people who are interested in social change need to ask is at the level you are working at what do you actually have affective power over - its beyond pointless to use what little power you have trying to change things you have no power to affect. Focus on what actually has an impact on the level you are working at

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