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This instance is a place to plan and talk about direct action in a practical ways, yes we can wax philosophical at times which is fine but in the end it comes back to real people doing real things on real ground to affect real power relationships. To work towards a more "horazontal" world for everyone and everything.

Today's thougts

You can't shoot um, you can't get them to do what needs doing. You just have to muddle through doing the wrong thing.

You will be shot, If you don't do what they say.
You have no choice but to do the wrong thing.

Organise a focus group to see what people need. Then do what the funders tell you to do.
The wrong thing gets done.


This is our current choice. Ideas to think better?
Trotskey /stalinist 

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When schools force students to use products & svcs of , , , & , is anyone fighting this? Is there any organization working on getting Corporate America's out of public ?

Nice to see the archive of the news site I was a co-founder of is still online

The recent experience in the reboot, trying to cross the geek/academic/media producer/process devid reminded me of one of the core resions indymedia failed, because of a clear seperation between the geeks and the process and the media producers. It failed because of a lack of bridges between these different groups. Really it was a lack of interest so each group ossidyed and broke with the need to bend the project in the direction the world was going. This then broke the project.

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The sordid link between and and how a is generated between the two is an important take-away from the interview.

The often depends on a kind of or .

It goes back to how itself was largely built with connections, and their ability to . This collision continues into today and is why in is so important.

Thanks , great !

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We also like how he talked about the in the existing and .

He points to how industry is encouraged to due to govts giving and other for , rather than encouraging to or existing and .

It has a terrible impact on our - but is great for !

If you're concerned with you need to know the effects of .

It easey and sad/bad normal to miss that is a process that sets out to the healthy rather than reheat the corpse of the dead indymedia. So mine and yours is core to the dead indymedia best not to go down that path.

If you won't a media that is not inside tiny bubbles. Its basic stuff to join the millions that have already stepped away. Reboot grassroots media outside the so why not join and make the step today and play a part in building a

Looking to do affective actavisam.

Academic historys of our movements are not very useful as they are strongly second hand sources mostly from

We need more minoraty views from participants. For my view this will reveal open/closed and process/serendipity that is at the hart of the actavist debates. For eample in my view started open/serendipity and died closed/bureaucratic. A simple story to base a reboot on.

is a good process to mediate this problem.

Why does it seam to be natural? It balances what will keep you comeing back with the comercial/state agender of the of course this is in no way showing what you won't we just rationalize that as post fact as the is no alternative

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Encouraging people to avoid and is surprisingly quite difficult, especially considering how many breaches the latter has had. C'mon you crazy fools! Join us on a less intrusive service!

Wish i had known about the APC event as these guys have a progressive view of how the internet was created - that is different to the mainstream dismpowing view of the military industrial complex and social control. They played a core role in the creation... not something you hear often. I got this story from greennet in London one of the founding members of APC

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This tweet is such a great example of how companies like Tesla actively shape and limit our ability to imagine the future. Instead of extensive high speed rail networks and walkable cities, this twitter user is imagining a future where we must decide between two stupid trucks.

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