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This instance is a place to plan and talk about direct action in a practical ways, yes we can wax philosophical at times which is fine but in the end it comes back to real people doing real things on real ground to affect real power relationships. To work towards a more "horazontal" world for everyone and everything.

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- Dr. Gail Bradbrook; "I have lawful excuse for an act of civil disobedience" | Extinction Rebellion

- George Monbiot Reports From His Own Arrest! (Extinction Rebellion Protest)

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, LightSpeed Venture Partners, Robert and Ventures gave $78M in funding to AnyVision to supply the Israeli military with facial recognition to be used against the Palestinians:


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Are the any liberal democrats left in the are are they all the the question is resolving

stop playing theses stupid games. The crap could be solved by you guys in a few days get to it. IF THEY do not them everyone on that march invade and occupy the libdems MP offices and refuse to move till they do.

Its very simple, very basic.


Are a simple way to judge the value of a “alt/grassroots” tech project.

Open data –


Open source – as in “free software”


Open “industrial” standards –

1/2 a open is working towards

Open process –


So Its a bronze project.

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If you must buy fuel, then I suggest a on & at a minimum as they are both still die-hard members. Mobil has the deepest history of destruction, so boycott them too.

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Punks for Rojava: Punks For Rojava is a network of people from the punk community. In our view the ideology of Rojava, democratic confederalism, is based on the same principles as the international punk community. We invite punks worldwide to join our network and gain support for the one society in the world which is based on an ideology very much like ours.

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Internationalist Commune of Rojava@CommuneInt
In practice, the society in Rojava is organized from the bottom up, like a pyramid turned upside down.
To put social institutions at the service of people, instead of dominating them, is the core proposal of Democratic Confederalism.

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In this moment motivated comrades in #Berlin are blocking #ThyssenKrupp, a weapon industrial company.

Shut down the murderous weapon industry that makes profit with displacement and genocide!


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@trunk Please add me to Archaeology, Art History, Environmentalists, History, Politics, Science, Spain.

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I now think that it is important for us to resist the politics of Zuckerberg since he has declared that a) he will allow advertisements that include demonstrable lies--which plays right in to the hands of the current mendacious US President-- and b) he has said he would be willing to campaign against Warren--who has a good chance of winning the election but understands the power of Facebook.

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The important point here is that on climate, on the rule of law, on rules based foreign policy, on the promotion of civil society, on equality of all citizens, on the right of people to seek refuge, on the protection of the environment, and everything else, the current President is a threat to his own people, and do all of us around the world. If Facebook looks like enabling the continuance of that approach to life, then we should oppose it. So I want Mastodon to work.

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I was asked today by a middle-aged 'activista' whether I knew of a way to download videos from YouTube & upload to Instagram! {head-desk} - anywayzzz, following my informed lecture on Copyright infringements and the like... I happened to mention an interesting little app for called - ... Now do what thou wilt, my to et al.

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