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This instance is a place to plan and talk about direct action in a practical ways, yes we can wax philosophical at times which is fine but in the end it comes back to real people doing real things on real ground to affect real power relationships. To work towards a more "horazontal" world for everyone and everything.

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@witchescauldron @parleur @Diffu @ajeremias SSB is a reasonable choice because of the offline first aspect. It would be difficult to disrupt or block SSB networks, which don't even necessarily need the internet.

The one down side which you might encounter is that on a phone SSB/Metaverse uses gigabytes of storage, which is more than my phone has. I bet many people will be using older phones like mine.

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The project we are working on is largly social, overcomeing the #geekproblem keeping #4opens in place and deliveing it with a outreach UI the tech side of #OMN is built all ready with the fediavers.

the hard thing is going to be to keep the focues on this :)

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Avoid idolatry. Shun monarchs, oligarchs and social media influencers. Disbelieve the purveyors of manufactured opinion.

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Any geek/coder types wont to get involved in ongoing radical/activist tech media projects. looking for programers/sysadmin and librarians

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A call for help to sell a house.
Folks trying to leave the tropics for health reasons.

Beautiful home.
Great for family, holiday home and/or airbnb.

If anyone can spread the word, I would be most grateful.

Open to offers. Questions, feel free to ask :)

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wouldn't normally make such a request...I'm not a social media afficionado.

not asking for anything other than to spread the message, if you're willing.

cheers peoples.

that - and facebook is truly pissing me off - I would love to see this community outdo it for spreading good info

All this has been explaned 100's of time on the blog and git and posted to failbook mastodon and twitter likly thousends of times. you can just fallow the hashtages if you wont to its what they are there for. NO ONES SLAVE, NO ONES MASTER

The is a existing tested rolled out and scaled stupidly KISS set of tools and standerds that allows people to build semanticweb projects - you can use it to build an exact copy of the IMC sites and am going do that, but behind the site in the admin are levers and if people push or pull them new ways of working will apper as if by magic. its up to them if they like spellcasting.

A. The problem with this is that in the way you seem to understand it and definitely in the way you SAY it is simply irrelevant to what we are trying to build with the It's very basic stuff, think we all agree with what you are saying, but the is little common understanding of its relevance as you say it for and reboot. Q. Why are these agenders talking about the relevant to a human moderated grassroots on the ground media network?

Q. um, your critique of people who might have serious critiques of the tech environments ( i.e. the "cybernetic regime" + "technofascism" as related to the material requirements for ALL high tech industries ) as a whole ( is hardly in all cases, a zero/negative understanding )... i appreciate the work you are doing, but would advise you keep your EARS open to those who understand things that maybe you don't... and best wishes for the work!

Why indymedia is needed:
"Hackney Council decided, without consultation, to withdraw the travel passes for the majority of disabled people in the borough. An announcement on Indymedia, calling for a meeting at Chat's Palace of disabled people, escalated and 150 people turned up. Hackney Council had no idea passions were so high and changed their stupid policy. For quite a few years afterwards disabled people used Indymedia to inform and mobilise and get things done!"

Thoughts from

It always surprises me anew when people show they have zero/negative understanding of the power and empowerment of DIY grassroots organizing. When am actively, not to say a bit annoyingly, doing open process to be meet with "you just wont to be king" is a easy to understand indictment of the people shouting. Its basic stuff to hear them saying i wont to be king NOT YOU. Which of course ignores the DIY grassroots part in that the is NO KING in the world ;)

The is a lot of active work needed to make a workflow and a balanced permissioning default. Before it is fully ready for outreach. A chicken and egg problem of needing people to engade to make the syteam work and the syteam not being ready for people to engadge etc.

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Maybe its time to boycott Conservancy and #fosdem until such time as they're no longer promoting GAFAM. I understand that the history is complicated, but in 2020 we now have a very clear picture of how toxic those companies are in a multitude of ways.

The oldies like me need to remember why they originally resisted Microsoft, and not end up rationalizing away similar or worse abuses coming from Google and Facebook. In a lot of ways the problems created by those companies are much more existential than a sweating Ballmer hurling lawsuits and office furniture.

Q. What do our securaty people think of this as a sudo anomunse account creation process.
It might be a good idea to setup a sudo anonymous account if you find that important.

Install tor browser

Use this to setup a “privacy focused” second email account

Use this account to create a user account with an interesting nickname which you do not use anywhere else.

Always login from the tor browser.

"A look at the

In the alt tech, everything is broken. At the heart of this is an assumption that control and certainty are needed for good software. Were in reality software matches the human condition of transentery/lossy. Trying to force the first ideal is why most of our alt projects do not work. This is the base of the "

Maybe it's not what am saying that upsets people rather it's more what they are hearing. The issues I talk about, looking at why we fail and how we can secede, are obviously all real and important for progressive social change and tec. All the hashtags are important and clear in their message BUT ONLY if you think them through. Thuse what am saying and what you might be hearing can clearly be different things. Likely this is a root to the issues.

Let me try to help share the move to the movement.


Bad - Currently most people are inside that they have no controle over and expote and manipulate them to

Good - the gives you total control, does not explote you at all and there is zero manipulation. you and your community set the agender.

The first is easy passive digital addiction, the second is harder real life community building and sustaining.

Facebook is dotcom and it is failing us as individuals and as a society? Its whole business plan is a con. Basic stuff that the hashtag fits BUT the thing about hashtags is that they only exist if people use them.

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