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To highlight the instances are about activism and campaign for progressive/radical social change. Chit-chat as a part of this is fine, But if you only personally post you will likely be more at home on another instance. Thanks.

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My thoughts so far on writefreely: I just don't know if it's for me.

I love the minimalistic UI, that it lets me focus on my writing, and especially the ActivityPub integration, but I don't have nearly enough control over the final product that's shown to the user. I had to fight hard to style it the way I wanted, and now I've realized the homepage shows the full content of every post; not ideal for my use case.

I may still self-host a public WriteFreely instance as part of @freedomtowrite.

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The are different world-views, the #fediverse has a world view that is alien to the #mainstremaing of the #EU, this is obverse.

What I like about this “movement” is that the EU recognize this and has motivation to shift, if practically no understanding and actually denial of this :wink:

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A key point, the value of the MONEY is not for us, It’s for them, so they can except value in the #openweb this is a hard path to walk for both sides, money and power both corrupt us, this is obverse, I see this all the time.

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#OMN is not #stupidindividualism as “nobody” gets the power, not me and not you, it’s not self interests, which should be refreshing.

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When you see the impact your decisions have on the world, it seems like it gets pretty hard to justify "hey, let's all buy a shitload of drugs and shitty cars and weld metal all over them, drive clear across the country at 3mpg and then at the end of it build a giant fire!"

It should be obvious to nobody that our and classes are morale bankrupt.

Anyone pushing is the problem, not the solution they talk about.

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Twenty years ago today, Dave Winer published the final RSS 2.0 spec. Thank you Dave, for providing the web with the plumbing that let's me read the web at volume every day.


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I sometimes wonder who will break ranks and start to use the is it going to be you :)

The UK Tory's party pushed the suicide button with the huge fossil fuels subsidy and the suspension of green energy subsidies.

is no longer a metaphor it's the reality of all our ruling class.

Please use the when talking and commenting on all behaviour, tell the truth, don't be shy

Most projects are blindly and dogmatic, they are beyond hopless and add to the pile to compost.

Ideas on a good path on this mess.

Thinking about activism, “The weapon of criticism obviously cannot replace the criticism of
weapons. Material force must be overthrown by material force. But
theory also becomes a material force once it has gripped the masses.”

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