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To highlight the instances are about activism and campaign for progressive/radical social change. Chit-chat as a part of this is fine, But if you only personally post you will likely be more at home on another instance. Thanks.

Get out of the cash economy then "makeing money" is a low prioraty. To do this you need to support and build the gift economy.

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I find busyness a fascinating concept.

when people apologise that they couldn't do something because they have been so busy, it seems like it's something that is happening to them, not something they have created.

I think busyness is what they have chosen, and they will always be too busy unless they choose otherwise.

it seems to have become a status symbol in some contexts, which maybe explains it better.

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@Lofenyy @downey

They are mostly not visible, but take out few key players in a couple of local ecosystems, and the whole scene collapses. Sad truth is, we are not good in scaling work on many shoulders.

Some people get grumpy, because it is always them to do the work. Others dont bother documenting, because it is again them in the end doing it.
Some vicious circle that needs breaking, and that requires a ton of work, and caring for people doing such work.

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@Lofenyy @downey

So key issue to tackle is social. yet we focus on tool discussions.
Install a wiki and documentation will appear.
a CMS everyone can use, then homepage articles appear.

Yeah, but just "someone" needs to keep the door open.
"Everyone" could welcome new folks in spaces.

And in the end?
On boarding takes time and energy. It hinders _your_ progress in _your_ project. That is the reason I heard from many hackerspace folks why they don't do this job. They come for their project.

@how am on the move for next few months. Can likely do a online presentation and Q&A

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Post-modern ideas show how bad such academic "knowledge" is in the era of being actively pushed by the zombie we all live and breathe.

Think the is 2 degres of global warming backed in with a projected 4 degrees with our current inaction. It looks like a to me with this in mind. Goda respect the # crew on this one.

Half of london, Florida and NL is underwater in the next 100 years. This is a mainstream view. What is not social about millions of deaths and billions of displaced people. Good to focus on the classwar side of this yes... Focues and try not to be flippant :)

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#Bitcoin helps the poor and unbanked to be robbed like the rest of us.

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not only is bitcoin beach ATM in SV charging a $5 fee to send $20 to someone it also adds 10.5% to the BTC price in the exchange rate offered. $20 turns into ~$13.50.
@davidgerard @mxgxw_alpha @realPaulSantos

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Anarchist activism can be exhausting. Fighting for the complete abolition of the way society is structured is a daunting task and can easily lead to burnout. We need lifelong fights against hierarchy not burned out anarchists so remember to take time to do things you love and enjoy. Live like you are already free.

#anarchy #anarchism #anarchist #burnout #hierarchy #free #livefree

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Its now fashionable to buy a lifeboat. They are not the best boats for open sea but the small ones work well on UK canals and the bigger ones on European inland waterways. You can do coastal with care for the weather.

You can find our 10k 14 country voyage across europe at #BoatingEurope and videos

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At the moment the block is "common sense" everyone thinks with in neo-liberalism so any proposal outside this is "intresting" but obviously "pointless" as worshiping the is the only economic usefull outcome. Bracking out of this circal is a challange.

At the moment the block is "common sense" everyone thinks with in neo-liberalism so any proposal outside this is "intresting" but obviously "pointless" as worshiping the is the only economic usefull outcome. Bracking out of this circal is a challange.

We need real constructive thinking, outside "common sense" on how to get round the blocks in our technology that shapes our society

Power comes from power, It’s something you TAKE/build and in the best outcome share, it is never given to you.

Private property was invented in a mythical past when someone with a big club drew a line in the sand and said to the social group step over that, and I kill you.

Notice this is not the foundation of the fediverse, we are base on an open flowing social web and our lines in the sand are “blowing in the wind”. Yes, lots of people do not understand this.

In this, we don’t HAVE to think how it fits into current working practices and current economics. Rather, people PUSHING these “common sense” solutions to the fediverse “governance” problems are a part of the problem, not a solution that might work.

To be “native” to the fediverse we need to use code to build “society”. Organizing for SocialHub Community Empowerment has to be anti “common sense” as the fediverse itself is.

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“The is such a thing as society” we need to build our tools for this anti “common sense” statement.

The advantage of “governance” of the fediverse (which it needs if it is to become a part of our based society that is essential for social change/challenge in the era of ) is that the is non, this is a good thing.

The Fediverse comes from the “cats” of libertarianism and to a lesser extent anarchism without the (O)

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Volcano-Powered Bitcoin Mining in El Salvador must be the dumbest story of the last days.

El Salvador is densely populated and largely powered by oil. Only 3.4% are geothermal.

Consuming additional renewable energy in this setting has the same effect as burning oil directly.

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