Hippy capitalism is back, well it never went away, form bamboo tooth brushes to everything made outa charcoal. its all evil people pushing the same illusions of self control while ignoring the uncomfortable social truths the deluded desire this is based on. comes to mind, just stop buying crap in general.

Don't buy into middle class privilege of "ethical consumerism" instead buy less, buy second hand, live simply. but most importunately engage in making the social world a better place. you can do this in both small community levels and larger political movements, best a mix of all three. Just don't get stuck in the "ethical consumerism" evil death pit "climate change is coming".

Main point is that when you see evil point at it and call it what it is EVIL this apply's to just about all "ethical consumerism"


Best to not see this as a ethical judgment and better to see this as a good move to have space/time to live a more interesting life. Money for most people is directly connected with depressing, pointless, work slavery.

1) Simple spend less on crap.

2) Work less to earn the money to spend on crap.

3) Live life better in the space this opens up.

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