Follow when the mainstream coops a movement. It's not a bad thing and it's not a good thing, it is irelevant to what the movement has to achieve so please stop putting energy into this and put it into the grassroots if you are at all serious about climate change


She was interviewed by PBS's NewsHour the other day, and a lot of what she said I agree with. Not all; though for a young lady, she certainly is articulate and more people should listen to her.

@indie She is a real persion, she is also a persion created by PR and feed by the NGO cluture to rich patrons for who knows what agender... likley half worthy and half well shitty. its what the world is.

@witchescauldron @indie

What PR firm are you accusing of creating Greta Thuneborg? When and specifically how. Please be specific, what is the name of the PR firm and the specific people involved and what and where is your evidence?

What NGO in specific? How did that specific NGO "feed" Thuneborg? When and where and how? Please be specific.

You do understand that anthropogenic global warming is a real thing and is a world-wide problem, right?

What specific "rich patrons?" What other agenda?

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