looking for the best activertypub implementation to falk to build a news service as a part of the reboot.

looking at pleroma.social/ what do people think.

@witchescauldron I'm not sure there is any good #activitypub implementation for #Indymedia yet.
Even the #Wordpress implementation… needs Wordpress to works, with all its security problems.
Also, it would miss an agenda/calendar to organize events.
The best alternative I could see is still a work in progress. It's called #Diffu, and it is not well financed yet.

@witchescauldron You may add #Mobilizon to organize events.
Most of these tools misses something to be well used together : a centralized authentication, with LDAP or something else.
@Diffu @ajeremias

@parleur @Diffu @ajeremias the plan is to keep it simple based on existing open standards and codebase. Underlining the front end is a network based on the the more privacy focused part of the network will be based on with a bridge from open to closed working and thinking.

Actavism based respect fot "Diversity of strategies" is core to the network reboot.

@witchescauldron @parleur @Diffu @ajeremias SSB is a reasonable choice because of the offline first aspect. It would be difficult to disrupt or block SSB networks, which don't even necessarily need the internet.

The one down side which you might encounter is that on a phone SSB/Metaverse uses gigabytes of storage, which is more than my phone has. I bet many people will be using older phones like mine.

@bob @witchescauldron @parleur @Diffu @ajeremias its going to take time for the networks to spread and old second hand phones with SD cards are cheap. Have one of the SSB app developers involved in dev.

Surely, this is missing the point, no?? #ssb is not (to the best of my knowledge) is able to be federated (outside of the Scuttleverse) - which to my reading is less publicly understood & never mind the uptake
= this does little to solve the ongoing #geekproblem IMHO.
@bob @witchescauldron @parleur @Diffu @ajeremias

@Hamishcampbell @directpositiveaction @witchescauldron @parleur @Diffu not so moving... there should be a balance between technologies and understanding of how and why we use this and not that... or else we go boosted to a distopian orwellian future

@ajeremias @Hamishcampbell @directpositiveaction @parleur @Diffu we are all ready in the future you fear, the question now is how do we move away from it. We can't keep doing the same crap from any of the sides that currently push agenders.


@ajeremias @Hamishcampbell @directpositiveaction @parleur @Diffu yep, spiky and fluffy need to not pick up there ideas and lifestyles and hit each side with them. We need to clearly move away from our deadended and away from the agenders of our careerists. The are real blocks to overcome and the biggest current blocking is the signal to noise ratio. are a tool for focus.

@witchescauldron @Hamishcampbell @directpositiveaction @parleur @Diffu :confused: like i only commented a post sent to me.. i read and said my opinion. What do u mean with sectarism? Arent we all individuals with different opinions? Arent we here to understand each.other by sharing knowledge?

@ajeremias @Hamishcampbell @directpositiveaction @parleur @Diffu that sounds dangerously like a post truth statment. Am sure you do not mean to go there. Tell us a bit about your background if you like.

@witchescauldron @Hamishcampbell @directpositiveaction @parleur @Diffu what is a post truth statement? Why do u care about my background? is it any relevant?

@witchescauldron @Hamishcampbell @directpositiveaction @parleur @Diffu im only getting verry pissed with ur posts... they are senseless and very agressive.. i dont get why... what did i did wrong? What did u feel? Can we go towrds non violent communication?

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