We have spent billions of dollars on libertarian fantasies over the last 10 years. What's next?

@witchescauldron I don't think encryption is necessarily a problem, although blockchain type stuff often is very problematic indeed.

If we lose encryption then the web becomes inherently unreliable. DNS hijacking will be the least of it. That is, you won't be able to trust that the web page you're reading hasn't been altered during transit. The message integrity of Mastodon depends upon encryption.

The whole time I've been working on Freedombone my expectation has been that the endgame for the internet is full centralization. A utility computing model for the whole planet. People joke about Facebook or Google being considered by many to be "the internet", but the trajectory we're on I think ends with exactly that. Unless we're prepared to fight to preserve what remains of the #openweb it will be entirely eliminated by the monopolists.

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