@bob For the #OMN being based on the #4opens am looking at Odata as the rest API core progress.com/blogs/odata-faqs- as this is an outgrouth of #atompub and #RSS and comes from a long process of open development #indymedia What do you think?

@Hamishcampbell @bob It looks like this is the relevant specification document:


I'm not aware of anything currently using the OData format and in the context of federated systems I think it would be better to stick with the ActivityStreams vocabulary, which is what ActivityPub is based on.

@bob @Hamishcampbell this is based on atompub which is the same thing activertypub is built on. Am format agnostic as long as its #4opens am not soure that activertypub implements the update data option, its not in any of the apps. For the backend am looking to build a huge distributed "lossy" database - the data soup were the apps are just laddles tto this bubbleing coldren. No resion you can use activertypub to dip in for norshment :)

@hamishcampbell @bob @Hamishcampbell It sounds like what you want is a distributed database with redundant storage. Tahoe-LAFS is similar to that in that some servers can go down but the data can still be reconstructed, but those things are usually immutable data only.

If you're using text files as a database then the old skool method would just be to rsync a bunch of servers. Syncthing would be a more modern way of achieving the same result.

@Hamishcampbell @bob

the exciting bit are the "flows of trust" bulding commertys. the tech and code are just tools.

* nothing new

* all #4opens

* good UI

@Hamishcampbell @bob this is of coures what mastodon trys to build on the work of twitter. BUT mastodon is based on individuals - am looking to build the same based on "flows" which can be anything. This should speak activertypub, RSS, activertystreams and odata etc. its just data in and out - what matter is who conects the flows - the social side of tech, and what these flows nurish as an outcome #indymedia

@hamishcampbell @Hamishcampbell @bob That sounds similar to the Hubzilla/Zap "channels". A channel can be an individual, but it can also be a group or a fanpage.


@bob yep Hubzilla can be a usefull part of a its just data in and data out medated by trust flows.

@bob what we have to build is the "trust network" and datasoup infrustructer. all the current apps becouse laddles and soup bowls.

@witchescauldron @bob

What we are building is like the WWW its a #KISS user built sematic web runing over the current internets with existing distributed data and tools to use it. the key word is KISS which is a good start to a flertation ;)

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