Follow Short draft video - longer video comeing out soon.

If you are interested in radical progressive media tech yes it's and currently working on reboot

A great pleasure to see you Hamish.

You raise some great points well. We agree that people in activism circles have really failed to account for basic fundamental areas. is one and your selfSign warning example is one, yes. Non-geeks freak out

Thankfully today we have browsers that respect, and indeed rely on selfSigning, and .

Its deeply...(1\2)


Its deeply troubling that systems like Tor and i2p have existed for over a decade yet no one has had the guts to promote them strongly. We've had destroyed, built, crush , and respected exposed for issuing faulty ...

What more do we honestly need!?

But when we try to suggest the alternative, many act like its too extreme. The is real.

The website talks about , do you understand the protocol? Noone has been able to explain it (last we checked the internet on the topic).

If you understand it maybe you can do a video to explain it to people.

@dsfgs its the open code behind signal reperposed so have a look how signal works.

We tried, uses phone numbers though, so its not a good starting ground. There explanations were extremely dry and seemed more like than a proper explanation.

Other explanations were similar, doesn't instill much confidence.

@dsfgs were trying to battle through the chat app for the dev/runing of the OMN project its a mess.

look at jabber or signal is the current shorter list

@witchescauldron @dsfgs I'd recommend running an XMPP server, or alternatively a Matrix server. Unlike the Indymedia of 20 years ago there are many more online adversaries now which older chat systems such as IRC struggle to cope with.

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