Climatechaos is going to kill billions of people over the next 100 years, the is now no way to completely stop this happening.

In mainstream politics voting for Trump and Boris is to do the exact opposite to what needs doing

Voting for the centre of Biden and Labour will address likely 40% at most 50% of the issues that will mediate this, for hundreds of million of deaths and huge displasment rather than possible human extinction that the right is flirting with.


Nobody in the mainstream is doing what is needed to mediate this to a good outcome in any way, think about this for a moment when you pick up or turn on mainstream media.

As the world gets more of a mess, you will increasingly get messy advice and news, this is a feedback loop. An obvious thing to say, I see examples of this all the time and they are increasing.

Spades and compost and seeds come to mind.

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