Working on look and feel for activitypub based reboot. The user experience is interesting and hard to think through as everything about it is lose network of flows. Publishing/reading/moderation are all readicaly federated. Each part is a view, the one thing that is easey is the old idea of a silo news site which is the morning paper to pick up and read. Though the majority of the news flows will be read in other places :) the site is a silo (for legacey view) a hub to control flows.

Ones you start to understand that the majority of news flows will be read off site. The site it self has two functions: a legacy function as a news site/aggregator.The second more interesting is as a metadata hub and flow shifter worked on by an editorial affinity group. The publish function is a option and could/should be turned off in bigger sites.

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by turn off publishing I mean turn off direct publishing to the site newswire, people can still "publish" to the site by activertypub and the site editorial collective can still wright and publish features wrightern from the aggregated newswire flows. Its hard to think this process through but should work fine when it gets to be a "normal" way of working.

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Changing workflows is a hard social thing to do but ones the shift has happened it becomes easy. Moving to trust based radically decentralized/federated work flow. Publishing, moderating, shaping flows by adding metadata. Affinity group organizing across trust based networks is a head fuck that technology will have to unblock and support at every step.

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