is a fab bit of softwear. BUT it's also crap. Why do I say this? The fedivers is made up of clones of corpureat which has worked well as they bring familer concepts over from the mainstream into the alternative. The problem is a in that the developers unthinkingly bring the workflows and ideology that are embeded in the code of these mainstream projects to the project. thus the crap that needs shovaling to make compost.

@witchescauldron in the #openweb we need to think about who we empower, what a user is, groups and community and individuals etc. taking the defaults from the #dotcons and mainstream thinking is just adding to the mess, we cant keep going down this path.

@directpositiveaction @witchescauldron @witchescauldron
I think there are filters you can add? Maybe # can be set for federated timeline & move Local to the top?

@adinfinitum @directpositiveaction @witchescauldron the backed moderation is better than it was but still is not "trust" based and more "control" based. So impossible to federate with almost all instances as they are full of spam. The backend is complex so might be ways to work better - am looking and prodding. Keep an eye on to see changes.

@directpositiveaction @witchescauldron yep that's not a peertube.. they talk about the pros and cons on there process page, worth a look.

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