With the current reboot going on there's a lot of default thinking that is bad, and we do need to learn to judge between the good and bad paths if it's to live up to its potential. Let's start to give examples:

Great point about !

Yes, don't ever promote a single site when talking about or for example.

and tend to fall into this trap a lot. Lately people have been pushing that don't even host to users who block .

Keep up the great work and fight, Hamish!


@dsfgs @witchescauldron yeah i get it & agree. I suspect some of this is stemming from the mic article but keep in mind that I don't write the article or draft the ?s. Also a lot of the promo around is around letting folks know that this is anarchist friendly much like others promote theirs around interests like hacking for example but the conversation is ALWAYS around the fact that this is all part of the fediverse and that people can find their niche and not about competition

@franklinlopez @dsfgs yep, lets build a wide network of projects :

Our news reboot codebase is going well the first test sites should be live with in a week. @bob @msaunders whats our rivised rollout date :)

@realcaseyrollins @counterfedi yep how are you finding that? we are thinking of codeing a frount end on so intrested in people expirence.

@witchescauldron @counterfedi I actually don’t do any of the dev work, @lain and @alex are a couple of the top devs

The cool thing about #Pleroma is, it’s generally far faster and more lightweight than #Mastodon.


"Top devs" might be misleading. Pleroma has a ton of people that work on it, and that team has changed over time.

Hi RCR, do you mean they are the top maintainers of your instance?

The thing we hear is great about Pleroma is that it federates well with both the and (Tor/I2P). Though I've yet to work out why the others cannot operate over Tor. still requires for example.

Agree though. looks very nice.
@witchescauldron @moth @counterfedi

@dsfgs @witchescauldron @moth @counterfedi Ah I meant they are some of the primary maintainers and contributors to the code so they understand it better than I do


Pleroma's front-end uses JS, but you can swap it out for a javascript-free front end like Bloat if wanted.

@realcaseyrollins @witchescauldron @counterfedi
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