To highlight the instances are about activism and campaign for progressive/radical social change. Chit-chat as a part of this is fine, But if you only personally post you will likely be more at home on another instance. Thanks.

New here, and this is helpful steer. Can you suggest where my anarchist mutuals at? :) thx! 🖤✊

@thomkennon You could try, or

We recommend ppl stay well away from kolectiva. Its CloudFlare.


Always always check new sites for Cf. Whether with an addon like BCMA or simply hit Ctrl+Shift+E in TorBrowser before loading the page and looking for 'cf-ray' in the server response. You'll start noticing quality cues of good websites if you start do this.

We may cf sites with a bookmark "cf BLOK mth'YY"


We may also BLOCKMARK Amazon, Akamai, MicrosoftAzure and Google sites.


@greenleaf the is a link on the sidebar on our peertube to some of them and meany more have a look at the wiki pages on for a full list.

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