@charly welcome to a small part of the people are generally friendly. Though the last few weeks we have had disruption from conspiracy and right wing accounts. Think we might be on an attack list as they keep coming back. We sometimes make new accounts invite only for a time to part mediate this, just to give you a heads up.

@witchescauldron Thanks for providing the opportunity to become part of the open web. Would you prefer to have thematic or personal accounts? Good luck with moderation!

@charly the personal is political so up to you, though good to stay within the loose theme of the instance. This is the radical one. The political softer one is of both instances talk to each other and the wider fedivers :)

@charly to get the best out of mastodon you should use hastags and search to find 20-30 new interesting people to fallow for the expirence to start to work.

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