Follow loving having a upto date instance. But the moderation tools are bad, they have a NEGATIVE agenda where it would be much better if they had a POSITIVE agender. We should be moving content not blocking content when we moderate. This is left over thinking from the the problem we face is getting understanding of this "soft" approach against the instinkt for the fast "hard" defaults that come over from the mainstream.

How would positive moderation look? At the moment we are getting videos from 4 instances and one while they are generally the right subject is mostly in languages we don't understand thus have limited ability to moderate.

* Have the option to send it to a instance that is based on this language so they can display/translate it and maybe send it back
* Have the option to move it to a translation/moderation cue in the background on this instance so we can do the same if we have the resources.

Basically instead of islands of data, we would have a shared data soup which our instance is about a ladal that we dip in and sip from. The work is done over a network and not in siloes.

All I can do is remove the source account so we never see videos from that producer agen.

Were actually have an issue with incomplete metadata which needs to be resolved by better networking not BLOCKED.

Publish (object to a stream of objects) – to publish a story.
Subscribe (to a stream of objects) – to a person or organization, a page, a group, a subject etc.
Moderate (stream or object) – you can say I like/dislike (push/pull or yes/no) this etc.
Rollback (stream) – you can remove from your flow untrusted historical content by publishing flow/source/tag
Edit (meta data of object/stream) – you can edit the metadata in any site/instance/app you have a login on.

The Open Media Network is a trust based, human moderated, project that builds a database shared across many peers. The project is more important for what it DOES NOT DO, than what it does do. It uses technology to build human networks. There are ONLY 5 main functions:

This is the back-end of the project to build a DIY trust based, grassroots, semantic web. The front-end may be anything you like, for example regional-/city-/subject- based indymedia sites (articles, blogs, vlogs, “social media”, etc). ActivityPub (and compatible protocols) are a cornerstone from which a diverse, federated undertaking may build out from. The data cauldron and the golden ladle.

As a nonbinary person originally from from a location with a strong regional accent notorious for moving Rs around, I am pleased to follow any project where the administration account holder's keyboard autocorrects agenda to agender 👍

That's why I want collaborative development with content management workflows. You don't even have to move or remove harmful content; just have successive editorial teams verify content, polish presentation, and promote the good stuff. Easy entry at the local level, lots of ways for people to meaningfully get involved, and you can always compare it against the original source

@yaaps its what we are building towareds at the its a hard intresting process due to the hoops we have to keep jumping.

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