Take a moment to think about basics: activism/campaigning is about building resistance to the mainstream to change its flow in progressive directions. Were is about shifting activism to reduce these resistances to the mainstream flow. Thus, it's good to understand that is a agender to build the jobs of the people involved and is in turn funded to this end. Good not to get the shit mixed up

Revolution is about blowing up the flow of the mainstream so it floods into a different path with much "calcollateral" damage in the process if we live inside a highly urban complex area. Both paths can be useful, both have costs.

We live inside highly urban complex society. Lifestyle is a way of forming a tribe inside this mainstream flow. The problem for activism is that this old school tribalism is a BLOCK on social change as looking and talking right are obviously MORE important than being right. Being right would be "resistance" and lifestyle is about going with the counter flow. Good not to mix this shit up


On the other hand the are advantages to "modern" tribal and lifestyle activism - it functions as social glue to hold campaigns together and provides a “uniform” flag to rally round. You notice I do not use words like anarchist, socialist, liberalism here as these have a different role in social change thinking – they are the ideas – the clothing is what I am taking about is the hastag.

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