The dominant post-modern thinking of our has made a mess of our idea of what activism is and for, positive social change, love not hate. The new breed of right-wing ”activists” are pushing hate and fear to further the agender of social destruction to feed the god of neo-liberalism that we all worship. This is of course not activism, rather fascism. Best to use the right words so as not to add to the mess.

Yes, we've noticed this. They seem ideologically driven by the and thinking, which leads them toward (we can limit the use of new-speak; words like 'neoLiberalism'. 'Corporatism' is a more direct word to describe it).

And is , yes.

They can't fathom that govt is , and that it can do good if it's not dictated to and controlled by corporate and vested interests, and rentseekers.


@dsfgs neo-liberalism goes back a long way and is the right description of the hegemonic world view of the last 40 years it's the thinking of where is always the thinking of religion, the master tells us what to do :)

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