Just about all tech and political projects are pointless:

A river that needs crossing political and tech - On the political side, there is arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side there is naivety and over complexity

A solution to this churning is "nothing new" most of the issues we face have already been solved or at least mediated.

and is a way of stepping away from the current tech mess. Politics is a bit more complex.

@witchescauldron @hamishcampbell

Have you come across the work done by , , and, ?

They operate mostly in the digital domain, but they use co-operative business structures effectively.

Add in forms of Digital Fabrication using tools that are owned/built/managed/maintained/defended by a co-operative, and you have the capabilities to make real changes in the physical world. :D

@witchescauldron @hamishcampbell

The Energy-Price-Point of Digital Fabrication systems for building the tooling for Infrastructure Co-operatives has fallen through the floor over the last 25+ years.

I'm currently looking for partner-founders to start a co-operative for doing this.

If you know anyone interested, please put them in touch. :D

@BillySmith @hamishcampbell

Interesting list: outlandish I know from newsspeak house, applied for one of their funding for the they gave the help to the most pointless projects you could imagine. Will check the rest but imagine they are the same world view.

These are likely pointless for radical grassroots tech. we need to do non pointless things

@witchescauldron @hamishcampbell

They're still doing the rounds of funding, as and when they can afford it.

I don't know what they funded last time, but it's worth getting in touch again.

When i hear about it, i'll shout here. :)

@witchescauldron @hamishcampbell

Also, while they may have funded projects that you saw as useless, they are open to helping all kinds of projects, so it's worth trying again.

Via CotechUK, they are providing support for co-operatives across the globe.

Also, one of their partner co-op's is running :D

@BillySmith @hamishcampbell From my expirence this is likly not true, the is a whole bunch of crew would are scared of radicalness. This is normal for people building carriers, we need to use judgment here, last time they were pointless, what make you think they have changed?

@witchescauldron @hamishcampbell

Talking with them, and the learning experiences that we shared when working together.

They're open to learning and changing their minds. :)

@BillySmith @witchescauldron

Get them onboard if you can - radical political #4opens tech needs all the help it can get #indymediaback #OMN

@witchescauldron @hamishcampbell

Give a shout on their forums at

There's a couple of tech co-op's based in the North of England that operate in this field. :D

@BillySmith @hamishcampbell

yep we like the values, but what we see is a need for shovels and compost.

is not a path out of the displacement and killing of billions of people over the next 100 years , but it's a good way of building a carrier that make you feel good but takes up progressive spaces and focus.

These people are kinda the problem and only a little the solution in my 30 years of expirence going to their events.

@witchescauldron @hamishcampbell

I do understand what you mean about the NGO's. Seriously.

I saw the BS around those 21+ years ago. Long story to share later.

But that's only a small part of what they're doing.

Look at the larger work being done by CoTech, and the support they are providing for other co-operatives.

The possibility for doing useful work is there.

The "shovels and compost" is precisely one of the projects that i want to set up. :D

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