Masto does not work anything like Twitter where #hashtags are concerned

The main issue with hashtag campaigns is that not everyone sees the same thing. It's not just that Twitter has about 330 million active monthly users to 3 million for Mastodon, but each Mastodon user probably sees fewer 30,000 users in the federated timeline. Then admins may need to approve hashtags before they show on the home page, depending on software. From the very beginning, hashtags are much lower impact

Then, posts with hashtags only show up in search if the instances are already federated. So if you start a new instance with a lot of posts defining your tags, then people start following your accounts, those early posts do not show up in search on their instance

@yaaps we are planing to use hashtags as bolyon switches in the to feed the content that flowes through the pipes of the news/archiving projects.

So it's an interesting subject.

Using tags as switches will work just fine

Eventually the fediverse software base will be so diverse that it'll be simply impossible to predict message propagation and retention. Epicyon has limited message retention and different indexing policies from Mastodon, for starters, so tactics that I'd recommend for hashtag campaigns on Masto and pleroma won't work with accounts hosted on Epicyon

The project in labs could eventually give you a lot more control over message retention and hashtag discovery. It's taking longer than expected because I still had some learning curve left, but I should start pushing new code this weekend

@yaaps @witchescauldron In Epicyon you can define a maximum number of posts that you want to retain so that the upper bound on storage space needed can be defined. Running out of space on small systems with limited storage has really bad consequences.

So yes, Epicyon is not really suitable for large scale campaigns, unless they scale horizontally.

@bob @witchescauldron
I love 💕💕💕 Epicyon. It's a great place for OMN to start, too. I don't know yet whether YAAPS is going to be usable software or just a way to measure the cost of the type of decisions IndyBack is looking at. Epicyon is great because it's a straightforward implementation for a given purpose and scope; I don't have that kind of focus myself, but I appreciate it where I see it

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