created this mess, cannot fix this mess.

The built the The played its role in destroying alt-media and the

The embraced the mess for sugar and spices.

Shovels and composting come to mind - I use the shovel metaphor because its our sweat and work that will get us out of this mess.

The is no magic tech fix, it's a human problem that needs humane crew to solve it.

The blocking humanity.

@witchescauldron I see this as related to the Hard PET/Soft PET distinction. Managing trust in a particular social context, as "Soft PETs" do, rather than just trying to engineer it out in a worst-case analysis, is an overlooked topic.

Here's a slide from George Danezis's privacy class. He's partial to Hard PETs, for a more critical perspective I like Batya Friedman.

I don't understand #geekproblem more generally, though. Is it a broader idea?

(sorry, re-drafted for clarity)

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