The empowered disempowered, there are a whole generation of people who are empowered to disempower people. You see this a lot on and in thinking. Getting out of this mess could be nasty, ideas for kind solutions?

@scribe that's a question. Kind to us as we have to deal with this mess less. Kind to them as they don't have to keep spreading the mess.

Next question :)

@witchescauldron Any specific disempowerment and mess in mind? Effects can affect the disempowered directly, or can spill out into wider society and ecology, which provides further opportunities for feedback loops...

@scribe the metaphors/world-vieworldview is well documented here as are the projects working out from this mess

The big problem with NGOs is they are designed to see a problem through their prism. Sometimes this works but often it won't.

The whole movement reeks of this. You can make anything relate back to MH, in some form or other.

After their was a massive MH drive similar to today. Maybe is the problem, rather than looking at what is wrong with the individuals and asking them to , maybe we need to examine the propagated system.

@scribe @witchescauldron
We don't really have a method for disempowering those that deserve less power. Ignore them, and if they are well-connected, as they often are, they will produced countless for the local (, often) , and demand actions etc.

It takes a strong stomach for a or to say, "we recognise and value the work of X, but at this time we need to devote to other matters".

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