This is an interesting expirence for us we lost our chat server in this fire.

Makes me think about the project and the that has blocked the last 10 years of rollout. Our plan has ALWAYS been home hosting of our content. BUT this has been BLOCKED due to security issues that to me are beyond pointless - looking at this fire you can kinda see the point in my view. Beyond pointless...

@witchescauldron Sorry to hear that you lost your XMPP server in the fire.

This is why we support decentralised platforms like as much as possible. Its only a matter of time until there is a version of /#Gitlab. That is the next frontier for in our view.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron XMPP is already federated so while it's awful to lose the server, the network continues to function.

@dsfgs @witchescauldron

Would be very cool.

FYI A new project in the field of #forgefed support has started. Check #fedeproxy at

Plus there's the #gitea issue for #gofed that is waiting to be picked up by any #golang dev, and there's probably #NGI0 funding available too.

seems good starting point towards a federated network.

We could imagine being an influential node in the network. Maybe even the network will share the apks they produce also.

Not sure whether would be our first choice for it, when there's a language like that has been through decades of rigour/refinement etc.

Nonetheless, a very, very exciting project.


@dsfgs @witchescauldron Just a heads up, git has been federated by design since its inception. It uses email for communication. is a good resource to get started with it.

Yes, email is compelling thanks but does have a few limitations.

If a git project is hosted on Gitlab, though, can one do everything via email and without expressly registering themselves with Gitlab/#MSGithub etc?

Can we download the sourceCode in a way that is server agnostic?


@dsfgs @witchescauldron

Not to mention decentralized backup. In my opinion there are a couple of fundamental areas #selfhosting solutions still need to work on, including encrypted, automated offsite backups, load balancing and ease of installation / management (eg checking for blocked ports, routers without NAT loopback etc).

That said, #Yunohost is making excellent, steady progress.

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