and the poison nuts of everyday life our and our whole economic system and based on these poisoned mythos. We need to build systems that run counter

And the KEY WORD is "WE" if you missed that bit as you maybe did.

WE need to build the

Not me, not your idea, not my idea... ideas that are embedded in social movement is a project for YOU and OUR community to rally round and build real alternatives to and other dogmas that shape pour dreams and lives.

If you come back with a "better idea" that is likely to be talking. Ideas are social and if you cannot point to the social history you are likely talking/pouring poisoned shit... compost and shovels would then be needed for a good outcome. And everyone is to "individual" to have an interest in clearing up so we live in a pile of techshit (and call good)

looks like this.

Very much agree.

Without a solid base in history you are left running in circles and chasing the next fad, history allows one to see trends in a more broader context.

Michael Parenti's video is good in providing a recent history of power relations and oppession, but to really stimulate a broader understanding and a passion for history we can't recommend enough, ?

Have you seen it?

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