is an attempt to overcome the churning of alt tech and been doing this stuff for more than 20 years and have seen hundreds of me to/NGO projects grow and fail, rise repeat for ever into a flow of pointlessness. its a BLOCK that we have lived with for way to long.

In resent years the first project to get me motivated was Mastodon and as both were based on they were evaluations of existing projects and standards - twitter/tweetdeck and atom/pubsubhub

The has fallowed this in that it is direct copy’s of existing useful - peertube is youtube, pixalfeed is Instagram etc. On balance has been positive, though not without its problems. Has clearly overcome the last 10 years of pointless in alt-tech for now.

is an example, like mastodon etc. of rebooting an historical usefulness social Alt-tech project from before it was ripped apart and then building it using modern standards from the experience of moving past the last 10 years failer

One thing that we believe, is that its not enough to say Peertube is an open-source version of YouTube. That's only a third of the story. We find that ppl are engaged by the idea that it federates over the same protocol as the social media protocol of the fediverse and that videos are torrented between servers, so a popular video can be streamed by multiple servers.

We've been getting good feedback from people re our advocacy of the Fediverse lately.

@dsfgs that's all true - so its moving to what should be... this is the good of the know how to get more focus on the same process for non projects like is my next question.

There's , which is Fedi for rich text, right? That is one option? Or is an implementation of ?

There's which is a federated . But not sure you'd want an interface like that for OMN.

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