Conservatism/right wing is based on fear and the resulting desire for control.

Progressive/left wing is based on cooperation and trust with the resulting desire for freedom.

Yes this is muddled by right wing agenders to push their lies. Don't be a on this subject please.

@colossalspam We should be afraid of guns as you and your family are more likely to be injured or killed if you have them in your house so banning guns is a left issue based on co-operation and trust.

You can also clearly see it as a right issue based on fear driving the ownership of guns and the resulting need for CONTROL that a gun gives the individual.

Its a sad and bad circle, ideas for getting out of this mess?

@colossalspam Read the URL or just do a web search about haveing a gun in the house and risk of death for family and children its easey to find this information if you look.

@colossalspam "“colossalspam" note the name is a giveaway. Did you read the reports on gun deaths if you do you will find your answers there, if you did not then the is no common subject to talk about.

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