Think this is the 3ed rejection for the FOSS project that has been rejected, and I was very NGO friendly polite. No biting was involved, yet...

"Submitted to foss-north 2021 has been updated.

Unfortunately, we have not been able to accept this session. We
do hope to see you at foss-north 2021 regardless!"

As am sure some of you likely have an idea these events are less than their outreach texts - just look at who sponsors them if you need to.

@witchescauldron I've never been on the conference circuit, but my impression is that many of these things are closed clubs for a few people who appear year after year giving essentially the same talk. A lot of them seem like career building exercises, more than anything else.


Yep you get the actional good one, but most are exactly what you describe. Though sometimes you do find interesting people in the corridors.

The talks are pointless status games mostly.

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