At EUNOMIA we are developing a platform which answers:

📍 Which social media user is the original source of a piece of info?

📍 How this information has spread and has been modified?

📍 How likely is the info to be trustworthy?

I want to remind that #EUnomia is a research project funded with around 3 millions, also aiming to investigate the #fediverse.

companies leading #projectEUnomia are also involved in:

- mass surveilience
- military and law enforcment
- developing strategies and tools countering mass movements
- countering local journalism with clickbait

@Gargron is/was on their pay check with at least €63,290.

several month ago I made some research about them and puplished it here:
there's also an easy to remember shortlink available:


@paulfree14 @Gargron

This is a lot of money coming into the fedivers at the moment its good to bring some visibility to this.

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