When a project is flooded by nuttyness the "real" people leave and likely go back to the when you push conspiracy and act dogmatic then you are damaging the possabilery of a better world not helping to build it.

Please stop and think if this is you. Keep your media real. Do good not harm.

@witchescauldron The test of any community is what happens when trolls show up. If trolling is permitted in the hope of inclusiveness or "scaling the movement" then the noise overwhelms the signal and the community disintegrates into infighting.

This cycle of hopeful buildup and then disintegration has happened many times since the first online forums. Communities which took years to construct can be demolished in a week by a few trolls.

So the challenge is to devise socio-technical systems for robust community building and organising. I think we are only at the start of working out how to do this.

@bob yep one of our mastodons has been flooded with borderline right nuttyness, not crossing the line but adding lots noise. I look and the flow is poisend but no one post is baning bad. A new challenge, learning space for signal noise in a deeply broken world system.

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