@samuraikid why post foxnews here? Some question, did you think about the source Before you shared the link?

We actually don't follow Foxand TuckerCarlson but apparently he is more nuanced than you'd expect. We did hear that he had on JimmyDore, and he went to the MiddleEast to have a proper one on one interview with a leader that no one else will. And it was reportedly valuable.

That's all we know. The Comey Brennan stuff we've never explored in depth, just looks like a mudslinging match, if we were in the US we'd probably care about that tho.

@witchescauldron @samuraikid
Generally speaking tho. Yes, fox is murdoch is arms length, grain of salt, caution, etc.

@samuraikid @dsfgs most of your sources are from rightwing/concervative media outlets. Around harf are pure rightwing propaganda flows. You need to find some new sources of news. If you look on you will find quite a few progressive, left, radical news flows.

Have a look.

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