The right wing are making good use of the tools, were the left wing are beyond useless in their take-up of this power for social challenge/change

a systemic issue with an maybe simply the realisation that there is no or just people. Me? I'm on

@adinfinitum the right and left are metaphors, treating them as non metaphorical is a modern mistake...

Please don't think metaphors don't matter, they do all our world is made up of them.

In the 19th century we understand this, in the 20th century we started to forget. In the 21st century we are lost on this understanding.

It's simple stuff

It is worthy of note however, that in all the significant time periods you mentioned, there has been turmoil, upheaval & disorder! So maybe the is the problem??
Afterall in the tens of thousands of years of recorded history it is odd that we are now so wrapped up in the last three hundred!!

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