Playing with words is like building sand castles were politics is building stone castles.

Post modernism (sand) is a perfect fit for the when building with sand you maybe need to think on this.

Stone makes better foundations.

@kat neo-liberalism, that is just about everything we live and breath today.

@witchescauldron ah.. well thank you for the clarification. While I agree with you about the "deathcult" I have to disagree with the premise in the initial toot

@kat in post modernism you would be right, but in modernism you would be wrong. It's complex.

The cartoon image is simplified basic "logic" and is right from a modernist view, and likely still right from a post modernist view :)

@aaaaargZombies sand becomes stone when compressed over very long times periods. We forget this in our post modern word spats.

To survive the next 100 years of we can't keep building sand castles.


I was tempted to try and figure out your cryptic metaphors but I should probably say upfront, you sound a lot like Jordon Peterson.

@aaaaargZombies no idea who Peterson is. You can see who I am by reading my blog if interested convasations are best based on mutual understandings.

@aaaaargZombies the dead ideology of post modernism, which most of our "thinking" is built on top of. Am calling this "sand".

Words are what we make them into, what we make ourselves into, we are words.

@witchescauldron I'm not sure postmodernism is an ideology but rather a condition. There doesn't seem to emerge a consistent meta-narrative supported by the figures most commonly associated with the movement. Contrast Lyotard to Jameson to Foucault to Baudrillard.

If you are unfamiliar with Peterson - which suprizes me - then now is a good time to get acquainted because it is more likely to be the connection people make than your own work or the writers above.

@aaaaargZombies "'m not sure postmodernism is an ideology" what is it then... now no pixy dust on this one :)

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