Playing with words is like building sand castles were politics is building stone castles.

Post modernism (sand) is a perfect fit for the when building with sand you maybe need to think on this.

Stone makes better foundations.

@aaaaargZombies sand becomes stone when compressed over very long times periods. We forget this in our post modern word spats.

To survive the next 100 years of we can't keep building sand castles.


I was tempted to try and figure out your cryptic metaphors but I should probably say upfront, you sound a lot like Jordon Peterson.

@aaaaargZombies no idea who Peterson is. You can see who I am by reading my blog if interested convasations are best based on mutual understandings.

I'll explain nonbinary gender and left wing shit posting to you soonish. The problem here is that you're reposting a right wing meme and failing to differentiate between left wing and right wing postmodernism. So you'd like to encourage fellow comrades to focus on infrastructure projects but, for those who don't know you better, you appear to be repeating a fascism

@yaaps @aaaaargZombies am simply seeing post modernism and the shit built on top of it as posion. I thought this 20 years ago when it was alive when doing my MA on vagabonds and Hitchhiking at university. Now that it's well and truly dead. From the little I know of Paterson etc they are the right feeding on the decay of the left. Think I have a few blog posts on this if you are interested :)

@yaaps @aaaaargZombies

If you create a binery to negate a binery you have done nothing

If you creat a metanarative to negate metanarative then you have done nothing.

If you build your world on nothing... Sand at best you do nothing.

Yes language is messy, but it's what we have. Power is ALWAYS economic/technology in the end, and our economics is based on power feed by violence.

What does non violent power look like?

Were do we go from here?

Nonbinary is a collective bargaining banner for all the genders that aren't adequately represented by male or female. It includes genders that *are* male and/or female, but inadequately represented by those labels. Nonbinary is the simple. You've assumed properties of nonbinary based on the etymology, taken on a pedantic tone, and been wrong loudly

Where we go from here is you apologize, stop making assumptions, and stay in your lane

@yaaps @aaaaargZombies OK, so you are talking about gender, and I am talking about post-modernism... we understand that. OK back to postmodernism for me, its a poisones mess and the things built from this poison are adding to the mess.. Yes, this is not simple... and language is not hard. Where do we go from here?

We, meaning people our age and older, created a poisonous social environment that other people need to live in. Right wing postmodernism leans into the toxicity and exacerbates it. Left wing postmodernism accepts the toxicity but mitigates it

This is related to the shift in the Overton Window that started in the US with the Civil Rights Bill and globally at approximately the same time. Hopefully this culminated with events like Brexit and the elections of Trump and Bolsonaro

Whether the peak has passed or not, the ascension of fascism in powerful countries on 3 continents has emboldened those with fascist sentiment to come forward and establish a propagation network for their nonsense. The content of communication on this network completely lacks semantic value (meaning), but rather it communicates semiotic value (community participation) through repetition of the comments, e.g. Blue Lives, red pill, alpha male, Q Anon, etc. This is the peak of postmodernism

Jordan Peterson isn't actually against that; you are. Peterson talks about postmodernism, but he uses examples from left-wing postmodernism to do so

Postmodernism is a reaction to modernism in that it recognizes that modernism is nonsense. It is superior to modernism only in recognizing itself as nonsense. Right-wrong postmodernism does so tacitly; left-wing postmodernism does so explicitly, but then turns it on its head

There are still a purely semiotic messages, like jorts, but those don't participate in the community of harm, and there are also semantic messages like Black Lives Matter, ACAB, etc. that encapsulate complex, nuanced, and not necessarily accessible positions in a way that enables propagation of the semiotic content (community participation) over hostile networks - Reddit, Twitter, etc. - which is exactly what you are trying to do with hashtags, but you're frustrated in that aspect of your activism because you're trying to use the mechanism without understanding the underlying mechanics

How we go forward is by valuing participation in community over the meaning of your hash tags. Your hash tags mean what the community says they mean, not what you say they mean. That's why #NotAllMen and other hijacked tags mean what they mean instead of how they were defined at their creation. You act on this by finding and embracing content in the larger community that you can promote in order to establish the semiotic context for your message so that the semantic content isn't lost in the medium

FWIW, I value your offline activism and you should still work to communicate that online, but your presentation needs help in ways that have nothing to do with spelling or grammar

By "frustrated", I'm talking about the material condition. I haven't been privy to your emotional response, but I would be empathetic if that was the case


@yaaps fluff monsters are still monsters, mess is still mess, worshipping the is still a bad thing


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