I can doubt this, which bit do you won't me to doubt ;) happy to have a look agen.

@witchescauldron I don't think you understand post modernity. Though I am sure I don't!

But the lack of doubt you have in thinking it's a "thing" to "debate" seems to me a clear flag that you don't understand it.

Anyway.,. it't not super important what I think. What I think is important is if you are finding it useful having a "debate".

@kat what I do understand is that is built of sand. Thus it has no foundations so is little worth "understanding".

I studied at university at the hight of the mess. Empirical expirence over 20 years is that people who "worship" are useless for social change/challenge.

It's a useless idolatry ;)

@kat ok there is "religion" echoing from you. The is way to much intolerance in the contemporary world for us to survive as a culture in the era of ideas to step away from this mess?

@witchescauldron I don't think an understanding and affinity to the use value, and power of postmodernist/poststructuralist analysis is antagonistic to building movements that are in response to climate chaos.

Furthermore, I would say without such analyses your survival/revolutionary movement will likely fail by reproducing power structures and systems that are antithetical to it's stated aims.

Anyway, I look forward to reading your further discourse on this. Thanks for sharing.

X Kate

@kat my expirence being at the hart of 30 years of affective grassroots social challenge/change movements, is that people who push agenders are both useless to the movements and oftern directly distructive to the movements.

It's well past time to try other world views.

@kat now that is a question that you likely find answers to if you are interested in reading back on the blog Hamishcampbell.com

@witchescauldron that sounds like a lot of work for me though. I was wondering if you could .. like .. point me to something more specific. To help me.

@kat what we have in our current mess is hamishcampbell.com/2021/07/04/ and the sporns of the dead ideology is taking up a lot of our social space that we need to survive and flourish in the era of

Ps. I like to keep things "simple" thus use a lot of metaphors to give space for thought.

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